She Hulk on Benny Hill!

When I was a kid, man Benny Hill confused the shit out of me! My grandparents we’re always watching that show and laughing their damn asses off! I guess it had alot of sexual inuendos and Benny Hill himself was always trying touch or seduce the ladies. Still I just don’t find it a bit funny. I guess I am still just a confused little kid. But what I did find was an appearance by the Savage She-Hulk! I thought this was really weird and totally not really funny but nonetheless interesting. Does anyone else remember Benny Hill or am I alone on this one? Does anyone think this stuff is funny? Well either way here’s Benny Hill and She-Hulk side by side….


  1. Tom Ales

    Man, this shit is priceless…it like your mind gets raped when you watch it…I never understood it when I was a kid either, but I would sit and watch it with a blank stare…Benny had a vision, just not sure what it was…

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