Great new comic day (Finally)! Review time!!

Today was one of those rare  comic days where I not only find myself overwhelmed by the amount of pulls that week but that I am also totally satisfied by my purchase’s content.

My haul for today (Note: I didn’t see Ghost Rider #35 or that would be reviewed for sure):

Wolverine #72, Wolverine Origins #36, Crossed #5, New Avengers #53 and X-Force #15


Wolverine #72: An epic conclusion to an epic storyline. Well, we still have the Giant Sized Old Man Logan to truly conclude the story but even if that takes Millar the next six years to complete, I’ll still be satisfied with this as the story’s concluding chapter. This ‘alternate’ or ‘potential’ reality may be my favorite one yet! This oft-delayed book has told a great story with amazing McNiven art and I have to say, I hate to see it end. One of the best images from this issue is a taxidermied Beast head hanging among President Red Skull’s trophies! Plus, Kudos to McNiven for using the old red-and-yellow New Warriors Nova costume for that image as well. I don’t want to spoil the ending so I’ll just keep it simple, stupid! 5/5

Crossed #5: Unfortunately, this is the worst issue of the series so far. Hopefully, #6 releases quicker than usual because I would hate for this to be what tides me over the next 1 1/2 months. Great character interaction but not a single encounter with any crossed! What the fuck? Where are my cummy bullets and cannibal kids? 3/5

New Avengers #52: See, this is weird. I have dropped NA as of #50 or so. I hate Billy Tan’s art and I refuse to swallow this Hood bullshit that Marvel is forcing down our throats: He’s a lame, “bad-ass” character that reads like some kind of Scarface-fanboy’s wet dream of a comic villain. I swear they re-use the same image of him in every comic he’s in! He’s always posed exactly the same, firing two guns while jumping (and Greg Land has nothing to do with this…), I seriously don’t understand why he’s in more books now than Wolverine?! THAT SAID, I gave this book another shot and it worked: I love me some Madame Masque! There’s an awesome Jessica Drew/MM fight scene but the real charmer in this issue is the appearance of Brother (err…”Brudder”) Voodoo asking the fighting Avengers/Masters of Evil, “What is wrong wit you people?”. 4/5

P.S. Son of Satan looks fucking laaaame. He and Daken and Sin should all get together and hit up a Hot Topic. Lose the chunk boots and tribals, okay?

X-Force #15: Man, thank god for books that come out on a regular basis. I trust this title and it’s creative team so much because month-in and month-out, it’s always there on time – like clockwork! Another great issue for me because we get a little more Apocalypse action and also because this is the best Stryfe has looked in a long time. I still don’t care whether little Hope lives or Bishop gets to blow her brains out, I just love this ongoing mish-mash of my favorite 80’s and 90’s X-Men characters. If it weren’t for this book, I’d have zero connection to the X-universe as it is today. Another point of interest this issue: Apocalypse’s old ship, uh, SHIP is back! I loved when the old X-Factor team had it as their base of operations and I hope it’s appearance leads to some kind of fucked-up sci-fi sentient machinery-taken-for-granted type of storyline ala the Danger Room arc in Astonishing. That would be most awesome! 4/5

Wolverine Origins #36: Great issue that I pretty much only picked up because of the cover but now I can’t wait to read the previous issues of this arc. And yeah, even though Daken is probably the lamest ‘new’ Marvel character out there (The Hood is a close fucking second though), I really felt right there with Wolverine. As he is obviously getting closer to meeting Romulus, so was I! This rarely happens to me in comics but I could really feel for him and I can’t wait much longer to meet Romulus too. My only complaint is in how the Terrible Tinkerer is written in Origins compared to the Punisher and other books he appears in from time to time. Is he a sad feeble old guy who just does what he does because it’s all he knows/has left in life or is he this menacing sleeper villain who’s had a hand in the creation of some of Marvel’s worst? Either way, I loved this issue and can’t wait to see what’s next for Wolverine. 4/5

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