Will there be a little shatner in the new STAR TREK MOTION PICTURE?

I am sooooo pumped about the new Star Trek movie! Only weeks away now! I have the highest hopes that it is going to blow my mind. I am super pleased with the costumes as they look VERY similar to the original series and so far I am totally into the official Star Trek prequel comic book that has been coming out. I love the fact that it follows the continuity of the movies and features Nimoy returning as an older Spock! Hell I even loved the fact that they wouldn’t let Shatner return as Kirk in this movie since he officially died in Star trek “Generations”. I am very happy with the decision of Zachary Quinto as Spock but what worries me most of all is the portrayal of James T. Kirk in this new revamp.


 William Shatner made Kirk one of the most iconic characters in sci-fi history.  He’ s one of the main reasons I love Star trek. Period. Since this whole idea of casting began I have been worried about how they are going to pull this off and truely please the fans. I thought Matt Damon was a great choice for Kirk-but alas he was just too damn old.


So now we have Chris Pine, virtually a nobody in the role of Kirk. That doesn’t bother me one bit. What I am truely worried about when I see this movie is if this actor is really going to bring it to the table as the iconic Kirk we all know and love. I have heard he did not want to copy Shatner’s mannerisms but really in order to convince the audience that he is indeed Kirk he has to at least a little don’t you think? It makes sense since we have Nimoy back as the older original Spock that Kirk would also retain his characteristics in the movie too?

 Anyway I do hope and pray that they have done this film right. It is a HUGE gamble to try and cast other people in the roles of icons who’ve starred in countless episodes and 7 motion pictures. Let’s cross our fingers that Chris Pine and the rest of the cast keep faithful to TOS and don’t end up like some lame revamped “The Fast and The Furious” style Trek characters. I for one hope there is a little Shatner in the new Star Trek movie-what do you think?



  1. Chris

    Im actually not expecting too many shatnerisms in chris pines performance. I think hes going to give us something a lil different. Im so freaking excited for this!!!

  2. petersaturday

    do you think that’s a good thing? will we even recognize him as the Kirk??? if he’s not going to act like Kirk then why not just make new characters???

  3. OtterVomit

    Since this movie is just a totally new timeline – completely invalidating what we’ve seen for the past 40 years – I don’t even understand why this film should even matter to longtime fans.

  4. petersaturday

    how is it invalidating? It’s still tied into the continuity as far as i know. plus Kirk is still kirk!!

  5. Chris

    This movie is not a new time line! I think it will be a good thing,no one can pull off the shatnerisms besides the man himself. Any one else trying jus comes off as comical in my eyes. I think pine will surprise us:)

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