Wolverine loses his monthly title to his son!

Well this June marks Logan’s departure from his own title! Yeah as you may already have heard the Wolverine title we all know and love is becoming “Dark Wolverine”  at issue #75. This title is going to follow the exploits of his asinine son Daken as he impersonates his father donning his brown and tan costume. Well at least someone is going to wear that thing!  “Dark Wolverine” will follow his solo adventures he embarks on when he’s not hobnobbin’ around with the Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn’s Avengers.


Daken takes over the Wolverine title as it’s main character in issue #75.

Daken’s main goal appears to be taking out Romulus (the newest bad guy in the Wolverine franchise) and  taking his place as the lupine leader. Maybe this title will get this Romulus character out into the open and we’ll actually get to see what this dude really looks like. Hopefully bringing in this Romulus character will prove to be a good move for Wolverine’s mysterious past. Bringing this whole idea that characters like Wolverine, Wild Child and Sabretooth are direct descendants of the lupine race (a race of people evolved from wolves instead of apes) was a gutsy move. Also proving that Romulus has been orchestrating the pivitol events in Wloverine’s life may be tough one to swallow as well.

I am going to have an open mind about it all. I do think it’s a bit strange that Mavel takes it’s main characters out of their own titles (I am sorry but I just cannot forgive Mr. Pak for taking the Hulk out of  The Incredible Hulk and replacing him with Hercules-The Incredible Herc!)  and I hope this is not a continuing trend. But really with the arrival this week of the “Wolverine: Weapon X” title, him part of the New Avengers, leading X-Force, Wolverine: Origins, Astonishing X-men, Uncanny X-men, X-men, Wolverine: First Class and his monthly one shot titles (am I missing any anyone?) i suppose it’s not THAT big of a deal he loses the title he’s had since 1988…..what do you think?


The only appearance thus far of  Wolverine’s ultimate nemesis “Romulus”.

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