the best horror music videos ever!?! TWO From metallica!

I know everyone remembers this vieo but I think “Enter Sandman” definately qualifies for a pretty good horror themed music video! Plus it was a great song, even if Metallica was totally ripping off Danzig at the time. Plus i think it was Metallica’s last good album though many purists will say the Black album is a pile of poo! I still think it was pretty bad ass! Anyway here’s a video where Metallica tries to put the spook on us all-did they succeed? I still think that old dude is pretty creepy. Check it out for a trip down memory lane…

Also I recently saw the video “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica from their latest album Death Magenetic. Which I think is an amazing album that to me is the missing link between “And Justice For All” and the “Black” album. Anyway this video is pretty damn cool and definately turns the notch up high on the horror meter! check this out!!

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