Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? Let the debate begin…

I am a big sucker for horror movies and a HUGE music fan too as well. So I began to wonder what some of the greatest horror music videos of all time might be? I know everyone thinks of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” right off the bat. A no-brainer right? I agree that “Thriller” is the BEST horror music video of all time-right? Hmmm…Well in case you lived in a cave your entire life here it is once again:

But wait, could i be wrong? Could there really be another Horror music video better than “Thriller”?! Well let’s put “Thriller” to the test then…I may need your help on this. If you know of a good one please post it here! I am gonna put one I remember being pretty rad back in the day up against it. This one is “Bark At The Moon” by Ozzy Osbourne. I remember being scared shitless when Ozzy was being chased by the Werewolf version of himself through the sewers. Well Mr. Osbourne let’s see how well your video stands the test of time against the big one by Wacko Jacko himself and Mr. John “American Werewolf in London” Landis! Let the battle begin…


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