So I was wondering which superheroes were from my hometown state: Wisconsin. Believe me it’s not all farms, cheese and beer there. There is CRIME there and they do need superheroes too! There were a few i knew of and then a couple more that i discovered today. Here’s what i gathered from just a a couple minutes online and looking at my official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. This will be part one because i know there just HAS to be more heroes and villains from America’s Dairyland. Also if anyone else has some of their own Hometown Superheroes please post them here! Anyway check these bad ass, spandex wearin’, beer drinkin’, Green Bay Packer lovin’, “Cheese Heads” out:

I have always LOVED the Badger!! He’s from Madison Wisconsin, completey mentally derranged, loves to drink beer, calls everyone “Larry” no matter what their real name is, has martial arts skills that’d make Bruce Lee envious and lives in a castle with his Wizard buddy named “Ham”. This guys is one of Wisconsin’s finest go hunt down his books now!

I honestly have never really heard of Gravity before today but it turns out this guy is a Marvel character from Sheboygan Wisconsin.I used to do some great thrift store shopping in Sheybogan! Who knows maybe i ran into this guy at a gas station or something there and didn’t even know it. He’s teamed up with Speedball, X-23 and apparently defeated the Rhino in combat. I am going to have to hunt that issue down and get the lowdown on this Wisconsin bad-ass!

These guys we part of the Marvel New Universe comics from 1986 and they lived and operated in the Fox Valley (Oshkosh area too) which was exactly where i was living at the time! DP7 stood for Displaced Paranormal Seven (there were 7 Of them-duh) and the New Universe was completely separate from the Marvel Universe giving the book a more realistic feel. This was a pretty fun run of comics. These guys were practically living in my backyard at the time and for that reason alone have a special place in my heart.

Wow this comic takes place in Antigo, Wisconsin right up near where my family’s cottage is! I remember seeing this one in the comic shop and passing on it cuz it looked like an IRON GIANT rip off. It has that same premise kid becomes friends with a giant Sentinel he repairs in a junkyark and together they go on adventures together while government agents are on their tail. I am not too sure about this one but just because of where it takes place i may have to check out an issue or maybe just watch the Iron Giant again because that movie is truely amazing…

The Constrictor makes me proud to be a Wisconsinite! He hails from Racine Wisconsin and has gotta be one of the coolest anti-heroes out there. I wish they would give this guy his own title already. He’s got adamantium coils that are retractable from his arms and his first public mission involved a battle with The Hulk. This guy has been more of a superhero in recent times and can be seen pretty regularly in “The Avengers: Initiatve”. I also heard at one time he was roomates with Deadpool-I wish he would have taken that wise ass out in his sleep!

John Byrne gave us cheese heads an Avengers team of our own in the 80’s! The Great Lakes Avengers are from Milwaukee Wisconsin that’s where i grew up and was born. These guys have had it rough in the Marvel Universe i mean Hawkeye tried to sue them for use of the name “Avengers”. They also have some pretty weird powers and I guess could be considered C-list heroes but dammit they blong to Wisconsin and we’re proud of ’em! Check out their appearances in the West Coast Avengers in the 80’s and the more recent hilarious limited series by Dan Slott. Apparently now they go by the name “The Great Lakes Initiave” and are Wisconsins official superhero team. Let’s please get them an ongoing series!


  1. Opa

    New Hampshire Heroes

    Marvel Comics
    Angel of the X-men, Boom-Boom, Richtor and Skids all attended Phillips Exeter Academy
    Another X-men character Rusty Collins went to a naval prison in NH for injuring a person when his mutant power kicked in while in the US Navy.
    Leech, Artie Maddicks, and Wiz Kid, from the X-Terminators go to school at St. Simons Academy in NH
    The Defenders (Dr Strange, hulk, the Valkyrie, Hellcat and Nighthawk)fought a super villain named Anything Man in Dover NH who gained his powers from the Omegatron made by Yandroth the Scientist Supreme
    The Mad Thinker had a base in NH and turned out a fair amount of Androids, that fought Captain America, the Marauder, the Vision and Spiderman right here in NH
    The Overmind from the defenders, a cosmic sometimes villain sometimes anti-hero, retired to NH to protect the small town of Millwood from radiation sickness

    DC Comics
    Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Oberon lived in NH while he served in the Justice League and had all sorts of adventures here
    The Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel, honorary member of the Justice Society of America lived in Londonderry NH after being enrolled in the witness protection program and was visited by Hawkman, Wildcat, the Green Lantern, and the Flash during christmas.

  2. Opa

    Oh and to match your New Universe DP7..

    Spitfire and the Troubleshooters travelled up into NH when Professor Jenny Swenson stole the suit to become a hero

  3. Bradraz

    Pete…remember Quasar? He was part of the Avengers for a while and I actually have all of his single books. He was from Oshkosh!

    • petersaturday

      Holy shit! I had no idea Quasar was from Oshkosh! A real Avenger from our neck of the woods?! I am gonna check all my Marvel handbooks and DC’s who’s who and get to the bottom of this Wisconsin superhero stuff!

  4. Becca

    From Kentucky:
    Cannonball, Husk, Icarus, and Aero The New Mutants
    MVP from The Avengers: The Initiative

    There’s nothing in DC from Kentucky, though.

    • petersaturday

      Man Kentucky has some pretty rad ones-i LOVED the New Mutants-i live in portland oregon now and i wonder who from the comics may be hanging out here?

  5. nick

    Man- I loved Badger when I was younger. I have a bunch of his comics sitting around my parent’s house. I should pick them up sometime and read them again.

  6. Bradraz

    I (somewhat) standed corrected. He’s from Fon Du Lac Wisco, not Oshkosh, but I could have sworn I have a comic where he once lived in Oshkosh during his books. I will have to verify. More to come.

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