Let’s hear it for bigfoot!!

So i think everyone can agree that Bigfoot is probably the coolest damn guy in the entire world!! And i just know he really exists even though now suddenly everyone doubts his existence since those two backwoods dudes and that Bigfoot “expert” hack said they had the real proof that indeed our buddy Sasquatch existed. But we don’t need those losers to ruin our belief in his existence for us with some old Chewbacca suit from 1978 stuffed in a moldy freezer. Everybody and anybody knows that Bigfoot is interdimensional and most likely immortal therefore living forever and never leaving a carcass to be found. With that said i’d like to start a new category for the guy here called “Bigfoot Sightings” so from time to time we can document where and when this Yeti has been seen through the years. If you have a good one post it here!! The first one i could think of would be when he fought the “Six Million Dollar Man” in the 1970’s check this shit out:

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