Star trek: COUNTDOWN the official movie prequel!!

Hey i recently picked up Star Trek: Countdown comic book by IDW Publishing which is the official prequel to the upcoming J.J. Abrams film that has got people amped up so high they’re flying in circles at warp speed 20! I highly recommend checking this book out if you just can’t wait for your Trek fix until May of this year. Get the lowdown on Nero (the films Romulan villian who travels back in time to kill James T. Kirk- yeah good luck Nero on that one!) and Spock who now serves as ambassador for the Romulans. He is trying to warn them of a possible supernova that will threaten their very existence. Against the better wishes of the Romulans Spock is able get a group (Nero’s mining crew) together to go on a rogue mission to try and bring the Romulan isotope Decalithium to Vulcan where is can be processed to form a black hole that could possibly consume the supernova. The best thing about this story is who shows up on the books last page-and i can’t reveal it here. You will just have to check it out for yourself! With that said i hope the movie holds some similar surprises! Great art makes this comic a must have and I can’t wait for issue 2! Go get this ASAP!


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