Mr. Campell you still got it baby!

So do you like Bruce Campell? No, do you REALLY like Bruce Campell? If the answer to this question is yes then you will LOVE “My Name is Bruce”. I was lucky enough to catch this film sunday evening right here in a tiny little indie theater here in Portland, OR. The plot is simple. Some teenagers (who just happen to be big Evil Dead fans sporting Bubba Ho-Tep shirts) are out horsing around in the cemetary one foggy evening trying to get laid. They accidentally set free from it’s tomb a Chinese monster “Guan di” who who’s dead set on decaptitating everyone in site and protecting bean curd. What’s the solution to the problem? Why kidnapping Bruce Campell and bringing him to town to defeat the evil monstrosity of course!


The only problem being that this Bruce is not the fearless “Ash” from the Evil Dead series. He’s a cowering, boozin’, sleaze bag who lives in a trailer home in the middle of the Oregon (yay-he really does live in Oregon too) trying to finish filming for his latest low budget D-Movie “Cave Alien 2”. This Bruce Campell is a total ass when not on film. He rips on his fans, drinks liquor from his dog’s bowl, calls his ex-wife wasted at 3 am and makes passes at just about anyone of the female persuasion.

It’s a great treat to see Bruce back on his game and funny as hell with his signature “Campell” charm. The movie is a truely funny and entertaining horror comedy. But it is also one huge inside joke for Campell fans. When Bruce runs like a coward from the chinese monster “Guan Di” he car jacks and old woman’s car throwing her and her cat onto the dirt road. As he drives off she screams “You were the worst thing about Moontrap!”. Even so, if you are not familiar with his previous works this movie is still gonna make you bust out laughing. It is first and foremost a comedy. The monster “Guan Di” is essentially a man in a rubber suit (hey i’ve always been a fan of rubber suit monsters!) but the films got a good old school vibe in the way it was filmed and delivers with some nice looking “creepy” sets. Don’t expect crazy gore or to be jumping out of your seat in fear. Just expect to see Bruce back in the saddle making yet another Cult Classic.

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