3-D Bloody RULES!!!

Yesterday i went to see the brand spankin’ new remake of “My Bloody Valentine” in 3-D and i must say it was worth every penny. i must admit though i have never actually seen the original version of the movie-but i do intend to. The plot is pretty simple, coal miner Harry Warden is trapped in a tragic mining accident and ends up being the only survivor winding up in a coma as a result of it. A year later he awakens on Valentine’s Day and slaughters 2 dozen people as he makes his escape from the hospital only to be “killed” by two local police officers. Fast forward 10 years and the killer is supposedly back in the small town of Harmony (where this all took place originally), dressed as a masked miner, armed with a pick axe and ready to do some damage.

Oh yeah, the only thing that really sucked about this movie was all the flying glass that i had to pull out of my skin afterwards…

I must say had this film NOT been in 3-D I’d probably not even be wasting my time writing this review. Over all it’s pretty standard new school slasher stuff but the director definately had intended this movie to be a fun, gory 3-D thrill ride. It’s action packed, terribly acted and fun as hell! There were pick axes being hurled off the screen, bullets fired at you, blood jumping, heads flying and just about everything else you would hope to expect from a 3-D slasher flick- there’s even a buck naked 3-D skanky chick in high heels running around after her boyfriend with an unloaded pistol! Plus John Locke’s dad from “LOST” gets killed again!!

This flick doesn’t skimp on the gore either, though some of it is cheezy cg blood who really cares when it’s flying off the screen at you. So if you can’t make it to Disneyland this weekend i suggest you check this movie out just make sure to buy a big tub of popcorn because that’s what this film is-the perfect popcorn flick…

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