Masks: Cool Old School Hand Drawn Animation!

I am always on the search for cool new hand drawn animated films, to be quite honest I miss this genre a lot. I enjoy a lot of the CG animation as well but there’s really a special quality that’s missing from most of those films that just can’t be replicated from hand drawn. To me it feels as if the CG animation is pulled from the same pool meaning that it at times to me looks a bit too similar from one movie to another. So any chance I get to promote a cool old school animated film I take!



So I recently ran across this neat little short film on Youtube. It’s created by a guy named Patrick Smith who if you click the link will bring you to more of his cool short animated films. This one is a cool little sci-fi short! Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for more from this guy!


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  1. Adrien D. Hislop

    Hi Petersaturday,
    On a similar note,, I hate the smell of my hands because you know how the trombone oxidizes even though its not rust? Well the instrument is the school’s instrument not mine, and its old as hell, also the smell of the mouthpiece kinda gets on my lips too, so how do you suggest I mask this smelly,smell? (others can’t smell it unless i shove it in their face but I can feel it and I hate it lol)

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