Don’t Go to Prison! You Won’t Be Able to Play…..D&D?!!

I know, I know what the HELL is this world coming to you ask? Just recently here we get a crazy report in Florida, which isn’t really that surprising, about a naked man eating the face off of another naked man under a bridge and grunting like a zombie. What’s up with that folks? I know I just had to at least address that because it’s pretty much the weirdest thing I’ve heard…well almost ever! Except for this maybe, did you know that if for some weird reason you go to prison and you’re a  rpg-er, chances are, won’t ever be able to play Dungeons & Dragons again!!! EVER!

Seriously if I were to some reason get life in the slammer I always thought that at the very least I could play some mad ass D&D!!! Think about it, you get locked up for years or maybe even life and all hope is lost…then you suddenly remember D&D is the perfect game for prison! Hell you could play every day, have countless rad adventures up til your dyin’ day…well no more folks. At least in Wisconsin, my native state, where courts decided in 2010 (which I first heard about now) to ban D&D! According to them it causes gang like behavior! Really?! They also went on to add Dungeons & Dragons could “foster an inmate’s obsession with escaping from the real-life correctional environment, fostering hostility, violence and escape behavior,” prison officials said in court. That could make it more difficult to rehabilitate prisoners and could endanger public safety, they said. They also noted D&D could lead to “Fantasies of Escape”. Well I don’t think that prisoners need D&D to inspire thoughts of escape, I’m fairly certain those thoughts come into play say the first TEN SECONDS you enter the damn place!!

Anyway clearly these judges have never played D&D before! For us it certainly doesn’t inspire “Gang Related Activity” unless you consider four dudes sitting in a basement by candlelight eating potato chips, drinking beer, smoking a lil herb, role playing to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and some Iron Maiden a serious threat to your public safety?!

Well I just have to say it’s 2012 and D&D still gets a bad rep!!! One things for sure I ain’t going to prison anytime soon unless I am taken there by an evil wizard riding on a dragon with an army of ogres following! Here’s the full story via The New York Times….

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