Step Aside Nerdcore Rappers and Make Some Room for Lisel!

I love the Nerdcore genre of hip hop! Geez I wonder why huh? Well check out this clip from the yet unreleased short film “Writing Lyrics”. It’s a pretty amazing rap that’s sure to put a smile on any dorks dice rollin’ face. There’s really not too much info out there on this film or it’s story (all I really know is it’s about a LARPin’ rapper who feels out of place in world), but judging from this clip alone it’s bound to be a lot of fun. “Lisel” in the clip is a Portlander here and recently mentioned to me that she’s planning to start kicking out the jams again this year-I guess we’ll see if she continues rapping about multi sided dice & LARPing (I hope so) but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for more info about the film-hopefully it will someday be released….

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