The Krampus hits the Big Screen?!

Its Christmas season once again now and every year I wait for a cool unique new holiday movie to amaze me. Last year it was the awesome Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (which I recently watched and it was even better the second time around) and this year I am hoping to get a chance to see Dick Mass’ “Sint” if it gets a release here. But it seems every year I wait for someone to tell the creepy tale of The Krampus and it never happens!

Believe me an X-mas movie done tastefully about the Krampus would be quite a tale-but first if you don’t know the folklore of ol’ Krampa check out a blog I did a couple years ago to get acquainted with this Christmas creep.

So agreed the Krampus is quite a strange dude huh? A total holiday Hard Ass! But you can agree that a creepy x-mas movie would be awesome huh? My idea for a Krampus themed film would be almost like a “Home Alone” style movie, where the demon goes after the naughty kids on Christmas night until he meets his match with one naughty boy who gives the Krampus a beating that he will never forget-I am convinced it’d be a hit..

Well I recently did a search to see if perhaps anyone has jumped on the idea yet-what I found was first a cool website that seems like it’s aiming to make a family holiday film called “A Krampus Kristmas“. The website looks like it could be onto something as they seem to be trying for a more Coraline, Shrek and A Nightmare before Christmas approach.

It doesn’t seem as if the movie has funding yet but maybe a script at best and some neat-o artwork.The promising thing was that Nick Golsmith, the producer of the awesome Son of Rambo and The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy praising the idea. Still though this isn’t quite the Krampus store I am hoping for….

Second however in my search I found info and a movie poster from a 2008 about a Krampus movie supposedly being made, this story was much more serious and creepy sounding this is what is listed as the synopsis:

“Life is good for thirty-something Maddie Watkins. She has the family, the house, the cars; the life we all dream of having. Problem is, this is her new life, and she has little memory of her old one. Adopted and relocated by loving American parents after her birth family was killed in a horrible, yet mysterious accident, Austrian born Maddie struggles with vague and puzzling memories. Desperate to make things better at home and put an end to her nightmares, Maddie and Charles plan a Christmas getaway for the family to Maddie’s birthplace. Reluctant and moaning every step of the way, the children pack and head off to a cabin retreat at the base of the Black Forest of Austria.

Events take a turn for the worse and Maddie learns that from the time we are born, we are watched. Our actions are weighed and used against us. The nightmares from our childhood are a warning. Maddie pits herself against the darkest evil of Austrian legend in a desperate struggle to save the lives of Charles, the children , and herself. She battles to save her hopes, her dreams; and proves that she’ll do anything to protect the fragile circle of love and respect she’s fought so hard to build in her new home while burying her demons and shattered past for good.”

Sounds pretty promising huh? Well unfortunately it seems theres no other info on this movie except that it was apparently cast and was supposed to start filming in 2008. Hmmm…well sooner or later Santa’s buddy the Krampus will get his feature film, I mean Krampy even has his own website now! Anyway in the meantime check out this weird ass Krampus stop motion film that also came up in my search on youtube, it’s done by Anthony Bourdain for an upcoming Christmas special, I guess however this piece got cut…Jeez I wonder why?!!!



  1. Darin

    Krampus The Christmas Devil is shot and will be released this fall ……Facebook us or google. Jason Hulls Krampus with Bill Oberst jr….

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