Hulk Say Goodbye to Greg Pak! Yippee!

I have got to say being a HUGE Incredible Hulk fan I have been missing him a in a big way the past couple years. Greg Pak who has spent a half decade on ol’ jade jaws is finally on his way out from the series….and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I was a big fan of his early Hulk stories like Planet Hulk and World War Hulk-awesome stuff! But the past couple years have been horrible, I have tried several times to get into The Incredible Hulks & Hulk (launched by Jeph Loeb) and I just could not do it folks. I am sooooo done with The Red Hulk, The Red She-Hulk, The Incredible Herc, A-bomb and the rest of those lame ass characters that these two titles have produced.

I just wanted the plain old green Hulk back!! I have been wondering how long these wretched Hulk titles would continue on and at one point I just gave up even thinking about it. But low and behold-next month The Hulk returns in a brand new series once again called The Incredible Hulk!

To me just one Hulk is better than ten lame ones. So what’s the scoop? Well it seems that Jason Aaron and old school hero artist Marc Silvestri are going to take it back to the basics! I am pumped here’s what I have heard so far about it from an interview with Aaron:

“Yeah. I did want to flip that dynamic on his head. For so many years, the stories have focused on Banner as a sympathetic character, and Hulk as this monster that he’s sort of burdened with. This is very much a Hulk story. Banner is a big part of it, but we’re more looking at things from the Hulk’s perspective. This is a situation where for years what was an internal tug of war between these two characters is now being played out literally. For whatever reasons, whatever means, they’ve been split apart, gone their separate ways, but events serve to drag them back together. No matter what they do, no matter how far they go, they still seem to be brought back together, as we move towards a quite literal Banner vs. Hulk confrontation.”

Sounds great to me! Lets hope Red Hulk and A-bomb stay far away though! Check 0ut this trailer!




    Love the trailer love the idea of a re-boot for the hulk!! Question:What is so bad about red hulk? I have never read any of those stories so I have no idea what the deal is with that.What is it you don’t like about it? Would you recommend i skip it completely?

    • petersaturday

      Personally I think the whole multiple Hulks storyline got way too ridiculous, plus I think Jeph Loeb is pretty weak as a writer all together. I’d say when I first saw the Hulk using a silly looking gun to kill the abomination is when I first started getting cold feet here-and that I think was HULK #1 (the new series) and when I found out that Thunderbolt Ross was the Red Hulk, and when he tranformed his mustache suddenly disappears every time I had to just laugh. Then Rick Jones becoming a blue abomination like character called A-Bomb? A red She-Hulk? It was like the series was being written by a 5 year old with really dumb ideas! Just my opinion-check out some of the newer trades you may beg to differ!

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