The Top 10 Monster Movies of the…..90’s?!

Simple fact, the 1990’s weren’t the best years for the monster movie, and when you think of monster movies it’s almost always a topic of the 1980’s. So I decided to make a list of the top 10 most bad ass monster flicks of the 90’s figuring there MUST be some gems during that era right? I didn’t add any Vampire movies because well they’re just not “monster enough” though “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn” probably should have been at the top of the list. That being said, believe me folks the pickins’ were pretty damn slim for a monster fanatic like myself in the 90’s-most of the best ones came in 1990 it seemed but still there are a few worth your time if you’ve already tapped out the 70’s and 80’s for your monster fix. Here’s what I came up with, if you think I have left out any gems please by all means enlighten me here…

10. Castle Freak (1995):

Here’s a rad more obscure monster flick from the mid 90’s from Re-animator director Stuart Gordan. Yeah the title speaks for itself as the monster in this movie is truly a perverted freak that hangs out in an old castle!

This one also stars the awesome Jeffery Combs and features a sick twisted monster that bites a lady’s boob off! Gross!! Old school 80’s horror in the 90’s!



9. The Relic (1996):

It’s 1996 and there’s not a monster movie in sight right? Wrong! The Relic was a pretty neat-o monster film and even got a theatrical release to boot! I saw this one in the theaters and it delivered the goods back then.

Still to this day I’d say The Relic is a damn solid monster movie that’s kinda like Jaws set in a museum. The movie’s monster was created by Stan Winston-so you know you’re going to be treated to something pretty rad!


8. Mimic (1997):

1997 also brought along a pretty great monster movie by Guillermo Del Toro who at the time wasn’t the huge force in Hollywood that he is today.

Though the movie is by no means perfect and some of the CG was pretty sub par, but when you put a monster into Del Toro’s hands he’s not going to fuck it up. It’s what he does best and this one is a great little 90’s monster movie which involves human sized cockroaches who are on a killing spree on the street and sewers of the city. Though Del Toro isn’t a fan of this movie, however I beg to differ it’s a pretty fun monster gem of the late 90’s!


7. The Faculty (1998):

 Damn! Robert Rodriguez was making rad monster movies back in the 90’s and this one is easily one of the most entertaining ones of the decade. It all revolves around an Invasion of the Body Snatchers / The Thing type plot set into a John Hughes style teen flick.

Sure some of the effects are pretty questionable but it’s also got some cool old school animatronic monster effects thrown in that save it from looking completely fake. It seems Rodriguez really can do no wrong…wait I forgot about spy kids…sorry…


6. The Island of Doctor Moreau (1996):

Lets face it it’s pretty hard to screw up this awesome HG Wells classic! though I am a bigger fan of the 1977 version this 90’s version is also worth a watch as it’s packed full of some pretty rad monsters, Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando.

It’s also got a creepy little mutant dude who’s Brando’s sidekick and oddly always wears the exact same outfits as him! Kinda Like a creepy version of Mr. Rourke and Tattoo!



5. Virus (1999):

This little gem of a movie has pretty much been long forgotten by most-however it’s definitely worth mentioning here as Jamie Lee Curtis makes the 90’s list of best creature features!

Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name this one has a reputation for being a total piece of shit, but alas we’re talking 90’s Monster movies here so usually even the shitty ones are bound to end up on a Top Ten list. This one is a deep adventure with Curtis going up against a cybernetic monster, step aside Ripley….or at least let Jamie Lee Curtis politely pass! Check this one out for yourself


4. Nightbreed (1990): 

You wanted monsters you get them in this neat little fairy tale of a monster movie! Clive Barker delivers the goods as he wrote AND directed this movie based on his 1988 novela. It also stars David Cronenberg-how rad is that huh? This movie has it all, tons of monsters, creepy sets and tons of action-especially the end. This in one of the nineties best…


3. Demon Knight (1995):

The Crypt keeper came on strong in the 90’s and even produced two movies, Bordello of Blood, which starred the ultra conservative douche bag Dennis Miller and the magnificent Demon Knight!! Demon Knight is pretty much a perfect horror movie in my eyes, it’s got great effects, good humor and cool monsters. It’s definitely got some Evil Dead influence as it follows a group of people fighting for their life against a troop of evil demons led by Billy Zane-We need more Crypt Keeper in 2011!


2. In the Mouth of Madness (1995):

This movie had to probably be my favorite of 1995, I saw it in the Theater and boy was it a treat! Superhumanly fun movie jam packed with creepy-ness. Sam Neil stars as an insurance investigator who heads off to find ultra popular horror author Sutter Cane who mysteriously goes missing. What Niel finds is that he’s somehow transported into a city where Cane’s stories are a reality. Jam packed with a ton of creepy ass monsters this movie is one you need to see or see again!!



1. Tremors (1990) / Jurassic Park (1993):

1990’s Tremors snags the number one position here aligning itself alongside Jurassic Park 1993. Yeah I don’t care what anyone says Jurassic Park is easily one of the best, most well done monster movies ever. Yeah I know it was a summer blockbuster but you can’t deny it was one hell of a movie going experience the first time you saw it.

It combined Stan Winston’s amazing hands on creature effects along side some great CG so well done even today it’s hard to tell which is real and which are computerized. However the movie was sooo damn popular I figured it’d be a cop out to have IT be the number one spot.

So Tremors was a logical choice as a tie-What more do you need, Kevin Bacon, awesome underground burrowing monsters set in a tiny town and bringing to mind classics like the Blob. An A+ perfect monster movie.

This movie is one constant batch of fun, great humor and action. It however spawned some pretty mediocre sequels, still if I had to put Jurassic Park up against any one of these previous films this would be it’s rival. They just DON’T make them this good no more folks!!

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