Happy Birthday to ME!

Yeah-it’s true today is my birthday! I am going to pretend that somebody just gave me this lovely cake here!! It’s funny how when I was young and thought about getting  older I always kinda thought I’d be all into reading the newspaper, golfing and checking on wallstreet stocks and shit like that. However that’s NOT the case- somehow it seems at least for me things never change. Nope I still LOVE the Hulk as much as or even more than I did when I was just a little buster!

So I guess when I get really old, well I’ll still be a dork til the day I die-it’s funny cuz this cake was probably given to a 5 year old…that actually puts my mind to rest thank you. Oh yeah and I posted this video last year-and it still RULES!!! Thanks to whoever the hell made this!


  1. Charitart

    Happy Birthday again. My Hulk coming out of the cake wish for you still holds true, even though there are 43 minutes left to your Birthday. Just like you said, when I was young I imagined my life to be totally different than it is now. I love that people are perplexed by the fact that I don’t have kids, I still go to punk rock shows, have been known to get in a moshpit, go bar hopping on old cruisers, and wear goofy outfits. I like that my life didn’t turn out the way I thought it was going too! Awesome that you do too. Keeps us young and forever dorky! I wouldn’t change it for the world! Cheers!

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