KRUSHER! Better than Stretch Monster??!

Ok after my plea from my blog earlier today for someone to reveal to me and in a way reunite me with one of my all time favorite toys as a kid I got a speedy response from my friend TJ! It turns out that I was on the right track as I tried to remember the name of one of the coolest late 70’s toy monsters, Krusher!! I was searching for Crusher instead but now have found some rad images of him and a strange Youtube video as well. First off here’s what he looked like on the cover of the box he came in! What a bad ass huh?? You could deflate him and krush him up into a ball-then inflate him usuing his nifty belt!

  So I thought maybe there would be a cool old school commercial up on Youtube but instead I first found this weird video of this guy playing with Krusher while Olivia Newton John’s hit song “Physical” plays in the background. Um pretty creepy actually buddy-maybe you need to spend your time actually making Krusher kick some Mego ass instead of giving him a one on one intimate workout! This guy is probably gonna be just thrilled that anyone checked out his weird ass video at all anyway!!

Lastly I found a rad video about amazing vintage action figures! The sound is a little shaky but at least the narrator isn’t giving the toys a steamy massage!!! This little film also has a small segment on the mighty  deflateable Krusher!! Check it out!!


  1. casey sharp

    favorite toy ever! came out the year i was born but was bought for me at age 5.i looked at it more as a teddy bear than a montser he was my tagteam partner till my dad burnt him with a butt

    • petersaturday

      you can find them on ebay still! I remember mine split open around the belt area…I may need a replacement still!!

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