Exclusive Iron Maiden 2010 Tour Pics From the Pit!!

Ok last night was totally fucking epic! I finally saw Iron Maiden live in Auburn Washington and  must say it was one of the greatest, if not the BEST live show I have ever seen! We were in the pit and managed to get about 15 feet away from them. It has been a long damn time since I have seen a band with as much energy as Maiden. These guys are in their Fifties and have 10 times the energy than most bands out there half their age. I was truely blown away to see a band have so much fun on stage  performing every song with a smile and sounding damn near perfect. 

So a few highlights of the show were the debuting of their new song “El Dorado” live, the giant Eddie that came on stage to battle with the band literally, the awesome huge animatronic devil that made an appearance during  “The Number of the Beast” and the amazing stage set which was something of a heavy metal space station! Also they did open with “The Wicker Man” which is one of my all time fave Maiden songs and an opening track that had the crowd in a frenzy!! Aside from $9.00 PBR in a plastic cup and maybe hoping for a slightly longer encore of more classics I have no complaints about this amazing experience! If you get the chance to catch them live this summer treat yourself and go see what real metal is really made of from the BEST metal band ever! check out these pics!

Oh and lastly me!


  1. sheaehs

    that’s $18 worth of pbr dood. that looks like so much fun, totally rad! did eddie grow carnivore teeth? he’s all snaggled out!

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