Found Footage Festival, Good Times.

James here, Last night Universal Dork blogger Peter Saturday and myself checked out the touring “Found Footage Fest” at the Laurelhurst Theater here in Portland. And I have to say it was pretty awesome. The entire premise of the fest is pretty much inherit in their name. It’s all found footage from old VHS tapes found anywhere from thrift stores to dumpsters. According to the website, the two guys (Joe and Nick) that put on this fest have been collecting these videos since 1991 and they watch hours upon hours of these videos to find the true gems that we get to see in the final product. Check out their tour dates to see when they will be visiting a city near you. They do a great job of guiding us through the re-discovered gold that is the Found Footage Fest. If you can’t wait, the website has some great videos. Here are a few of my favorites.
Ed Asner want’s you to be Stress Free.

You may remember the post Dorks, and Dating, yes that was from these guys too.

Prevent Shoplifting, (Stick 47 or so record albums down your pants)

That was fun.


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