$3.99 for a Red Hulk? No thanks…

The economy is bad and I will admit right now I just don’t have the money to spend on comic books like I used to. So one thing that I have been noticing is a recent jump of new comic book prices. Comics that were once $2.99 are now jumping up to $3.99 right along with the economic downfall. Pretty lame for all of us weekly comic junkies. Note that they have not added any additonal pages to the comics (maybe more ads) they have just upped the price of alot of monthly titles and from what I understand this will soon be the common price for a comic book. Let’s be realistic-it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to read a comic book. So even at $2.99 a peice I STILL thought it was a bit steep. So today I went to the comic shop to buy stuff that i missed last week. I ended up leaving with one comic, a $2.99 issue of the latest Daredevil. I browsed alot and saw a few titles I would have normally picked up but not for $3.99 an issue.

At $3.99 an issue I better NOT be gettin’ any RED in my HULK title!

It was strange how much a single dollar ended up meaning to me in terms of a comic book. I will admit I have been pretty disenchanted with alot of the storylines and artwork lately especially in alot of the Marvel Titles but besides that if i am gonna shell out Four bucks for a comic book I am gonna expect a little in return. Right now It doesn’t look promising. I think then it’s time for comic book companies to consider exactly what they WILL be giving us in return. More panels? Additional pages? Back up Galleries? Fan mail pages again? I am not sure what the answer is. Maybe it’s bringing the price down back to $1.99?!! Whatever it is I have noticed I am leaving the local comic book shop every week with a lighter load and being FAR more selective. So I am sorry Mr. Loeb, I really considered giving your “HULK” comic book a second shot. I mean the Hulk is my fav character of all time but today but i realized no Hulk, especially a RED one is worth $3.99!!

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