Back Issue Gold Presents: Uncanny X-Men #205 (ca. 1986)

I was just thinking about some of the greatest Wolverine stories of all time and this amazing X-Men issue was the first that came to mind. This one came out in 1986 and was a stand alone issue by Chris Claremont & Barry Windsor Smith.This is truely classic Wolverine at it’s best and this one has stuck in my head since i was a kid for many reasons.

First i had never seen an X-Men comic that was this violent i am surprised that is got the comics code approval in 1986. It’s filled with blood and guts. Barry Windsor Smith draws a haunting wintery landscape in which Wolverine is running for his life (which doesn’t happen too often you must admit) and his only hope is Power Pack’s own Katie Powers. They are being pursued by a truely terrifying Lady Deathstrike (her first appearance with her cybernetic body)-the BEST i have ever seen her drawn and how she should have appeared in the X-Men 2 movie.


This raw gritty 80’s comic gem came out before Wolverine even had his own series. It shows him beaten down and vulnerable, which is a rare event in comics now days when he can get his entire body burned dry from his skeleton and still be kickin’. This makes me wonder where Barry Windsor Smith has been all this time? My vote is to get him on the Wolverine title in 2009!! If you are at the comic shop any time soon go comb the back issue section for this! I have heard this stand alone was the inspiration to give Wolvie his own title in 1988.

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