How Cool Was a Manglor?

Ok, so here is one of the greatest and most unusual toys ever made-MANGLOR!! I used to have manglor when i was a kid and beleive me they were pretty rad. It was the first toy i could destroy or mangle (hence the name) and then put back together.


Unfortunately you can only tear a Manglor apart so many times before it doesn’t stick together anymore and ends up a dusty lint covered heap of body parts. I learned that the hard way. I beleive Manglor was rockin’ the Toys R Us (the only store in history that could rival a trip to disneyland to a kid) circuit around 1983-please bring Manglor back!!


  1. TittyTommy~

    Yeah,Manglor! It almost works when almost stretched and tore apart and almost goes back together like is almost started when you opened the egg that you almost didn’t buy at the store because you were torn between Manglor and a trash can full of Muscle Men! Yeah.

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