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Peter Venkman’s busted!

So I am sure many of you heard about the recent leak of information about Ghostbusters 3 straight from Sigourney Weaver’s mouth! It seems she let the cat out of the bag about Bill Murray’s bizzare return to the franchise. No, Dr. Peter Venkman won’t be busting ghosts in the third film, it seems he’ll be the one being busted. She stated that Murray will be a Ghost in the third movie.

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Ghostbusters 3: new Harold Ramis interview!

Her’s a great interview with Harold Ramis talking about the upcoming “Ghostbusters 3” movie! Yeah it really is happening and it sounds from the interview that he has a good grasp on what has and hasn’t worked in recent revival movies. I guess we will have to wait and see but I think from his perspective on things it’s going to be done tastefully. In a world jam packed with terrible CG it seems that maybe this new Ghostbusters flick may end up having hopefully a bit more of an organic old school feel. Check this out!

“Ghostbusters 3” news!

There’s been ALOT opf hype lately about the return of the Ghostbusters! Especially since the recent arrival of the Ghostbusters video game which all the original ‘Busters voiced. It seems that all of the original cast members are all back for a third feature film with Rick Moranis only to be rumored and I believe fiming is to begin later this year. I am not sure about everyone else but I’m all about some good nostalgia! I really enjoyed the last Indiana Jones film and I get alot of shit for it all the time. I usually welcome good bands reuniting if at the very least just to see what happens and if they can actually pull it off successfully. So naturally I am pretty excited to see what they do with this new Ghostbusters movie.

ghostbusters 3

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