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Ok Please…Stop With the Zombie Comedies Already!

I just watched two upcoming “buzzing” zombie comedy movie trailers and I had to take just a moment of your time to say please stop!! Enough!! Please god…stop with the zombie comedies already!!! Better yet just stop with the whole zombie thing altogether! Ok you know we have all seen Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Return of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, American Zombie, Fido, Dance of the Dead, Zombies of Mass Destruction, Doghouse, Zombie Strippers, Zombie Honeymoon, Undead, Blah Blah Blah Blah….Jeez! I kinda just want this whole zombie craze to disappear.

Aside from The Walking Dead Comic and TV series (which I am finally getting slightly tired of) this craze needs to die and stay dead at least for ten years or so. People you’re not going to make a better zombie comedy than Shaun of the Dead so please stop trying! Make some other comedy please, I know how much you liked Dead Alive but you know what? The world doesn’t need another one of your goofy unlikely fanboy hero nerd starring zombie comedies-the market is full, overflowing and more dead than punk rock. I wonder am I the only one? Because even the zombie comedies that look kinda good I just don’t care to sit through anymore!

This one here “Juan of the Dead” which is opening at a theater down the street from me just don’t excite me! Really now “Juan of the Dead”? Uggh….

Yeah it doesn’t really look too bad huh? Too bad I was interested in seeing this movie six years ago!!!

Oh and I was on Ain’t It Cool and they had this one written up called “A Little Bit Zombie” a quirky offbeat zombie comedy with the same stupid characters that you saw eight years ago back when these characters were kinda funny actually…Ok so I will admit the poster is pretty cool, but really folks do we really need to waste more time sitting through more shit like this?

Maybe I am crazy but I don’t care how RAD your zombie comedy is I have seen fifty others that were done in the past five years that are better and then before that fifty more back in the 1980’s! Give it a rest!! ūüėČ

Pontypool will leave you Speechless…Literally!

So¬†a couple¬†nights ago I¬†saw a movie that¬†quite simply blew my mind! It’s rare to find a movie that can keep me interested¬†when I start it after 1 am. Usually 30 minutes into it I’m out like a light. NOT the case with¬†“Pontypool”, which is the name of where this movie takes place. It’s been tagged as a zombie movie, which made me at first a little reluctant to rent this new release. I mean really, do we need another zombie movie at this point? Well I am¬†happy to say that it was much more than a zombie flick.


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Real Life Zombie weekend in oregon!

I was sitting today at work bored off my ass when I read cool article in the Willamette Week weekly paper. Apparently you can pay to live a real life zombie apocalypse for a weekend! Sounds pretty rad huh? Well this was such a great idea I can’t believe I didn’t think of it a long time ago. Apparently you can camp out in the wilderness with replica guns and live out the dream of being feasted upon by the undead right here in Oregon! It’s actually a more of a game where you of course can be turned into a zombie as well. Your gun fires bb’s and you and your team try to survive the weekend. While being hunted!

club dead Check out the full story here at the Willamette Week!

From adventureland to Zombieland!

Remember when Woody Harrelson attacked that papparazzi guy and then said that it was because he thought that dude was a zombie? Well the official trailer for the movie he was filming, Zombieland,¬†can finally be seen! As far as zombie movies go I have said before that they’ve been beat pretty heavily into the dirt since the arrival of “28 Days Later” which started the whole craze like never before¬†years ago. Hey we got some good zombie flicks since then haven’t we? I guess also you could say “Shaun of the Dead” really got the Zombie Horror back on the map as well. Well judging from the new trailer for “Zombieland” it seems very possible maybe Hollywood has at least one last cool horror comedy left in them!

Yeah Zombieland looks fun as hell from the trailer and it also features Jesse Eisenberg as well in his second movie involving running around theme parks. Check out this out and find out what exactly made ol’ Woody into a real life¬†slayer of the living dead!