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“The Room” exceeds the hype!

I am sure many people out there have already witnessed “The Room” perhaps even several times but if not I’d go out this in your list of movies to see immediately! What is The Room? It’s the worst film ever made. At least that’s what it has been tagged as for quite sometime now. To me that’s a mighty strong claim as I have seen and enjoyed many  bad movies in my time.

 Even after hearing all the hype around it, reading articles in the local paper, interviews with Tommy Wiseau (the movies maker) and it recently playing in several different theaters here in PDX I still somehow figured I had already seen the worst of the worst in my time.I however was wrong.

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The Worst Movie ever made and released. Period.

I was looking on Youtube for some footage from probably the worst movie I have ever seen ever- “The Black Devil Doll From Hell”! It has been many years since I have seen this steaming pile of suck and from what I understand it’s pretty hard to find a copy now days. I heard about a year ago it was supposed to be released on DVD. However I am not sure it ever made it to disc.

Anyway when I was a kid I used to see the cover of this in the video store and always wondered what it was all about. Well later when I was in high school my friends and I finally rented this movie. I will say I’ll never forget what I saw that day! The Worst Movie EVER. Period.  


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