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Woody Harrelson in KICK ASS?!

Last night I went to the video store to find a movie to totally just chill out to as I was super tired from staying out way too late the other evening and winding up eating Taco Bell at 3 am. Yes as it always ends up being, you realiz the only reason you even considered it was because you were wasted and the late night T-Bell turned out to be quite a mistake the next morning. But enough about that!

Anyway upon browsing the new release shelves I ran into a movie that looked quite interesting. Normally it seems I’ve got a pretty good handle on all the upcoming super hero type flicks but it seems that this one  must have just slipped beneath my nerd radar. Continue reading

From adventureland to Zombieland!

Remember when Woody Harrelson attacked that papparazzi guy and then said that it was because he thought that dude was a zombie? Well the official trailer for the movie he was filming, Zombieland, can finally be seen! As far as zombie movies go I have said before that they’ve been beat pretty heavily into the dirt since the arrival of “28 Days Later” which started the whole craze like never before years ago. Hey we got some good zombie flicks since then haven’t we? I guess also you could say “Shaun of the Dead” really got the Zombie Horror back on the map as well. Well judging from the new trailer for “Zombieland” it seems very possible maybe Hollywood has at least one last cool horror comedy left in them!

Yeah Zombieland looks fun as hell from the trailer and it also features Jesse Eisenberg as well in his second movie involving running around theme parks. Check out this out and find out what exactly made ol’ Woody into a real life slayer of the living dead!

Woody Harrelson: Real life zombie slayer!!!

According to CNN Friday night Woody Harrelson attacked a paparazzo claiming he thought he was a zombie!!! How amazing is that? Apparently the original natural born killer was leaving a New York airport with his daughter when he was being followed by a TMZ photpgrapher. This is when he went straight into Zombie Slayer mode and attacked the photographer punching him in the face and wrestling with him.


Above pictured is Woody and pictured below him the man he identified as the alleged paparazzi pursuer.

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