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Recent DVD Scores!

Every now and then I come across a movie I am just flat out stoked about finding on dvd! Sometimes they’re even movies I’ve completely forgotten existed. Well one such recent score is the absolutley brilliant and yet somehow underated fantasy 80’s adventure “Return to Oz”. This is a classic and just a downright entertaining film with some amazing sets, visuals and plenty of creepy monsters to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Perhaps that’s why many people have never seen this movie-as in 1985 it was listed on Siskel & Ebert’s “worst of” list and was described as being too intense and dark for children. How ever it did receive an academy award nomination for “best visual effects”.If you get a chance I highly recommend revisting this movie as it’s a real treat to anyone craving a good fantasy flick and if you haven’t ever seen this you need to check it out immediately! I’m pretty glad I now own this one on dvd…