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Shatner’s 1970’s Supermarket Commercial Career!

Check out this super old skool tv commercial from the 1970’s featuring William Shatner! Loblaw’s is a supermarket chain in Canada and it seems that back in the 70’s Bill was up for just about everything after Star Trek fizzled out.

Shatner being Canadian himself must’ve shopped there quite a bit as he ended up doing several commercials for them! Who would’ve known huh?

Spock Prime Returning to the Next Star Trek Movie!? Likely!

Word on the street is that Nimoy who officially retired from acting just can’t resist his call of duty on the USS Enterprise! It seems we hear it right from the Vulcan’s mouth here in this CNN interview that they are indeed in talks! Obviously he was one of the BEST things about the reboot as his appearance in the movie solidified the new and old timeline as one and made all of the old movies and TOS still relevant. I say two Spock’s are easily better than one.

I wonder however how good ol’ Shatner feels about this? What do you all think is there room or want for Kirk prime to star in an upcoming Star Trek movie?

Recent Ray Bradbury Mania!

It must just be by chance that recently I’ve gotten on a little Ray Bradbury kick. Sadly not in book form, but rather in the way of first, Ray Bradbury Theater which I recently found on dvd! What you never heard of Ray Bradbury Theater? Well it was kinda like Amazing Stories or The Twilight Zone and first came onto TV in 1985 as an HBO series.

If you do a little hunting you can find these all for pretty cheap and they are a pretty fun little late night watch Continue reading

Goodbye Mr. Spock?!!!

Wow did you hear? It seems that Leonard Nimoy has announced that he’s officially retiring from acting! I am so bummed since we’ve all been gearing up  to see him reprise his role in the next Star Trek Film again as Spock prime again. Well at least we got him one more time as Spock right? I mean really who ever saw that coming? Nimoy told the Toronto Sun “I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years,” he says with a laugh. “I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”

So not only is Nimoy done with Star Trek but acting in general as he’s apparently filmed his last appearance for the awesome Fringe television series. Continue reading

Late Night Laughs…

Well sometimes nights can get awfully boring for a dork late at night on a Monday in 2010. Sometimes even a little bit depressing and you find yourself grabbing a six pack of beer at 11:00 pm by yourself. Tonight I just decided I needed a drink so I got some Pabst and a lemon. Yeah well you know there’s nothing wrong with putting a lemon in your PBR! Really you can actually trick yourself into thinking you’re drinking some rad mexican beer with a little imagination. Anyway that’s a monday night really, what’s supposed to happen right? Let’s face it blogging is alot better with a few beers.

So I was thinking of things that might turn a dark cold rainy night in Portland Oregon a little bit brighter. I found a few clips that I think are pretty damn funny. First up is just a short clip from Family Guy that I think is one of the most funny moments ever put into any of the episodes. Being a big fan of Popeye too doesn’t hurt. Yeah I’m a fan of the live action movie too with Robin Williams. I don’t care what anyone says that movie is epic as shit! After I saw it as a kid I dressed up like Popeye and ran around the neighborhood with a can of green beans (I couldn’t find any real spinach in our pantry) like a maniac! Anway this clip is classic and certainly clears up any rumours about the mystery man that is Popeye…

Next is a clip from a movie that I think is easily one of the most funny movies of all time, Stir Crazy. Continue reading

Shatner & The Next Star Trek Movie!

It was a big deal to William Shatner when he heard that the latest Star Trek Film would be featuring Leonard Nimoy returning as Spock but seemingly no Captain Kirk in sight. Shatner appeared angered with JJ Abrams’ decision and claimed he himself brought Kirk back to life in a mere few pages of one of his books, “very easily”. I think it was a great decision to keep the captain in the world of the deceased, especially since he already died In “Generations”. Well as you may have already heard Shatner is back in the spotlights to appear in the second film.

shat Twilight zone Shatner upon hearing the news he was not cast In the Abrams helmed “Start Trek”

You really didn’t think ol’ Shat would stay out of the picture for long did you? Continue reading

The Director’s Cut of Star Trek better feature Finnegan!

The new Star Trek film was hands down amazing! Perfect in almost evey way except for one person from the original series who was obviously given a raw deal by  Mr. JJ Abrams. Where the HELL was Finnegan?! We were supposedly visiting the  academy years of Kirk and Spock. Perhaps JJ never saw the legendary episode “Shore Leave” from  TOS?! Perhaps he had no idea that Finnegan was Kirk’s mortal enemy and tormented his academy years?

finnegan 2

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Our New kirk better know how to Kick some ass!!

I am soooo pumped about the new STAR TREK movie opening tomorrow! Now we pass the role of Kirk on to Chris Pine. But for a moment let’s not forget how much of a total bad ass the orginal William Shatner “Kirk” really was and how much ass he kicked! Chris Pine you best have checked this out, cuz man could Kirk give a serious beatdown on his enemies!!

Will there be a little shatner in the new STAR TREK MOTION PICTURE?

I am sooooo pumped about the new Star Trek movie! Only weeks away now! I have the highest hopes that it is going to blow my mind. I am super pleased with the costumes as they look VERY similar to the original series and so far I am totally into the official Star Trek prequel comic book that has been coming out. I love the fact that it follows the continuity of the movies and features Nimoy returning as an older Spock! Hell I even loved the fact that they wouldn’t let Shatner return as Kirk in this movie since he officially died in Star trek “Generations”. I am very happy with the decision of Zachary Quinto as Spock but what worries me most of all is the portrayal of James T. Kirk in this new revamp.


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