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Global Frequency TV Show Planned for the CW…5 Years Overdue!

Back in 2004, there was an announcement for the ultra awesome limited comic series Global Frequency to be adapted into a TV miniseries.  Life could not get any better, right?  They even cut a pilot for the WB…and the fans loved it…the studio shit on it!  WTF?  Oh yeah, they probably had a reality show that was a priority, or maybe something to remake.  So it went nowhere unfortunately, but now there are rumblings again that the Frequency will be created and broadcast on the CW.  Whoa yeah!  So if you are a comic fan…a Warren Ellis fan…or hell, you just like amazing sci-fi stories, I believe this Global Frequency is on your wavelength.

Global Frequency Comic Cover TV Show

Your pantz full of a load over this?  Me too!  More details after the jump…
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