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Comic Book Cover of the Week: Superman the Werewolf Slayer!

Superman #422 is quite an interesting issue to say the least, Superman battles werewolves! Yeah back in 1986 Superman had a full on battle with some seriously pesky lycans . To me it’d seem like Supes would have no problem kicking a werewolf’s ass-but that’s apparently not in this issue titled “Bad Moon Rising”. He not only gets his ass handed to him but the werewolf, after the beat down, rips off Superman’s costume and dons it himself! Yeah he leaves Superman naked in the streets of Metropolis and what’s even more funny is that Superman’s worried about “being arrested for indecent exposure”!!!


This issue certainly leaves something to be desired (I think it’s awesomely funny as hell though), but it has the most terrifying cover of any Superman comic book, brilliantly drawn by The Killing Joke’s Brian Bolland!! It’s funny how such a creepy cover could contain such a ridiculous comic adventure beneath. One thing is for sure, Bolland doesn’t fuck around when he draws comic book covers-it’s one of my personal faves!


Universal Dork’s Rad New Comic Book Picks!

It’s tough sometimes finding cool new comic books to check out! Sometimes (more often lately it seems) the two big cheezes, Marvel & DC just don’t float my boat! It’s a shame because I’m a superhero guy at heart and not getting that fix can certainly be depressing. So these days with somewhat limited resources I’ve been picking up a few cool new and ongoing titles that thus far seem real promising! So here’s a few that I’ve been diggin’ lately:


Manifest Destiny (Image/Skybound): The third issue of this series just dropped this week and so far it’s a ton of fun! It’s a period piece retelling the expedition of Lewis & Clark with a even more adventure and yeah some creepy run ins with native monsters! They inject some great horror into this historical journey and have created some memorable characters to boot. The artwork too is pretty damn impressive as well and thus far I’m fully on board, I think this could quite possibly fill the void in my life that The Walking Dead has left with it’s recent more & more tired storytelling. Check it out!


Curse (Boom! Studios): Just picked up the first issue of this cool (so far) horror comic! It’s being called a werewolf story, but I’m still guessing it could be based on the Wendigo mythology. We’ll see I guess. Either way it’s got some fantastic gritty artwork and an intriguing story about a down on his luck single father who decides to try to collect reward money by hunting down a killer in the woods to pay for his dying sons doctor bills. What he encounters is even more than he originally bargained for! So far this four issue limited series looks totally promising!


B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth (Dark Horse): This comic book is probably my favorite these days and has really compelled me to go back and collect all the trades to read from start to finish. The recent story line is as always jam packed with monsters and as always incredibly unique art. Issue #115 find the BPRD teaming up with Russian Special Science Services (the Russian version of BPRD) as they travel on foot through a desolated Manhattan landscape looking for survivors of a recent Monster attack on the city and the cause of it all. This current arc is awesome and we’ve now finally got Liz Sherman back ready to kick monster ass with her recently renewed fire power! I only hope that Abe Sapien makes his way back to the team! If you don’t read this series you’re missing out!


Guerrillas (Oni Press): This series isn’t new, but it’s new to me and I love it so far! Written and fantastically drawn by Brahm Revel this kick ass little adventure set in the Vietnam War follows Private John Francis Clayton on his first tour of duty. Unsure of himself and deathly afraid of combat finds himself alone in the jungles after his platoon is slaughtered by the enemy. It’s not long though until he runs into a strange platoon of chain smoking chimps armed for combat dressed in full on army fatigues. Sounds almost like a comedy? Not chance this one is played out serious and the story becomes more intriguing with every turn of the page. Thus far there’s two trades out and they’re a hell of a lot of fun. Right now Mr. Revel is working on Marvel Knights: X-men which so far is great. However he told me himself that we can expect the next chapter of Guerrillas to unfold in 2014! So check it out before the third act hits!

Wolf Cop Takes a Serious Bite Out of Crime!

Damn, I was such a big fan of the original Teen Wolf that I just had to post this trailer for the upcoming Wolf Cop movie! This one looks right up my alley as we got a full on Werewolf cop running rampant around town fighting crime! This little Canadian flick, directed by Lowell Dean is shaping up to an awesome old school style 80’s horror comedy.



I’m a sucker for a fun werewolf flick and can’t wait for this one to drop! I’m happy to see people out there with original horror movies in the works rather than another tired remake. I may have to check out Eerie 13 as well, Lowell Dean’s first movie…


The Hunt for Manimal!!!

I don’t know what got me started today but I am on a rabid hunt for one of the most rad 80’s series of all time “Manimal”!! What you don’t remember that one? Of course not it was only on for like 3 months before they cancelled that shit way back in1983! What the hell is a Manimal you ask? Well it’s a rad doctor dude who pretty much has everything going for him and then add on top of it one other interesting quality….he can turn into any damn animal he wants to at will! How rad is that?!

 Well apparently people back in 1983 were brain dead because the little bits and peices I did remember of the show were even more mindblowing upon watching them on Youtube today! They pretty much show him transforming into all kinds of intense animals, for instance check Manimal out as he transforms into a fucking falcon below!

How cool was that? Yeah and pretty much every tranformation is like five minutes long, and the funny thing is is that when he transforms back into a “man” he has all of his damn clothes on everytime! What the hell? He seems to suffer the same condition as Bruce Banner did in the 80’s cartoon-everytime he changed back he had all his clothes on too-and they were like brand spankin’ new! So I have been on a hunt for it today as I’d like to get the whole series and bring the Pilot “Movie” to a bad movie night-as It would be bound to be a hit. Watch here as he transforms into a damn snake!

And check this out as he turns into a bad ass panther! Even the tigers and lions are like WTF?!!

From what I understand special effects wizard Stan Winston was behind the transformations-no wonder why they rule so hard! Anyway I am really hoping the series gets released soon on dvd, why they cancelled this show is beyond me….never forget….MANIMAL!!

The 8 Other Movies “Super 8” Owes it’s Success to…

So I’m here to tell tell you a few things today, as you guessed “Super 8” is the movie to see this summer, I loved it. Secondly it’s very obvious that JJ Abrams was a fan of The Goonies and E.T. and was trying his best (he succeeded) in replicating the nostalgic vibe of those movies for the big screen this year. He gave us that feeling we all have missed for so many years in our summer movies. But most of all it was a formula that had been used many times throughout the 80’s not only in E.T. and The Goonies but many more that have been all but forgotten.

It was a formula that seemed to put kids on dangerous adventures, most often supernatural ones, usually in small towns or the suburbs and most often trying to prove to their parents some crazy story to be true with often times unlucky results. These stories were filled with wonder and most of all they were so undeniably fun to watch that to see a movie like “Super 8” or even Joe Dante’s latest movie “The Hole” in this day and age is a breath of fresh air. So here today in response to Super 8 I’d like to honor 8 more movies Abrams was likely heavily influenced by when he made his latest

1.  The Gate (1986) To say JJ wasn’t influenced by this movie when making Super 8 would be a crime!! Continue reading

Alice Cooper’s Monster Identity Crisis!

I loved it in the 80’s when rock stars starred in bad horror movies! One such movie, which is a real stinker is Monster Dog from 1984 starring Alice Cooper. What really do you expect from Claudio Fragasso, best know for directing Troll 2?! C’mon! So yes let me be honest with you this movie is pretty bad-but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s redeeming qualities!

The plot is simple, Cooper stars as Vincent Raven, the world’s hottest rock star and he’s traveling back to his home town to make a new hot fresh video (which by the way is a total piece of shit once you see how it turns out)! He brings along a bunch of his annoyingly square friends, who on their way to his old creepy childhood mansion home run into…..a god damn monster dog (and the token creepy crazy old dude who tells them they’re all….DOOMED)!! Continue reading

Superman to Kick Monster Ass!

I have never read the comic books so I’ve not much to go by here-But call me crazy-I’m pumped for this movie!! Too bad Brandon couldn’t play Supes again but at least we get this new comic adaptation-Now all I need to do is find the comics and see what this is really all about!!

So can anyone out there tell me if this looks good next to the comic book?

Monster Piledrivers!

So what if you could have a wrestling tournament set up with all your favorite monsters going head to head televised from an abandoned graveyard?? Well wait no longer folks because the upcoming horror comedy “Monster Brawl” plans to give you that exact scenario delivered to the comfort of your own home!

Enter eight of your favorite classic movie monsters and here you have it a fight to the death on pay-per-view. I am not sure exactly how this plot unfolds and why these movie monsters are participating in the first place but it’s already sounding like alot of fun.

Now add Jimmy Hart the Mouth of the South, Continue reading

Forget Vampires…More Werewolves!

Historically, and most notably in the last couple years, Vampires have been ruling the roost of the classic horror style monsters. From Nosferatu, through the Anne Rice years, and now with True Blood and Twinkle…or Tinkle…or Twilight…(whatever that lame ass 16 year old girl popular vamp series is!!) these blood suckers are just about as popular as Zombies. Don’t get me wrong, there are uber vamp movies out there that I consider bright spots (Blade, Near Dark, and Fright Night). But let’s loose these sad Goth night lovers and I hope I see a new revival of the classic Werewolf! Early 2010 looks to be bringing these furry cursed friends to the big screen in a new and classic way.

Continue reading