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Hot Wheels: Unemployment Solution for Out of Work Movie Monsters

Let’s face it, the world today is just not the same as it was 5 years ago. Financial collapse, mortgage system downturn, health care in crisis, and unemployment sky rocking across the nation. Well one toy manufacturer is trying to bring forward solutions to the worst hit by the employment issues…yeah, the Big Movie Monsters! This is a Universal Dork Exclusive, you will only see it here dorks. Mattel the makers of Hot Wheels Cars and accessories is taking measures to bring some relief to these heavy footed b-film icons.

Hotwheels Monsters
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Here we go!

Welcome to our new blog, Universal Dork (soon to be at Universaldork.com).  We thought “Is there not a better way to start of 2009 than with a new blog concerning Comics, Movies, D&D, Comedy, and other great Nerdy stuff from the point of view of some pretty hip folks (seriously, we are hip and carry lots of scenester points).  What we want to accomplish with this blog goes as follows:

  • Review comics and either poke fun or complain, or possibly champion
  • Discuss Sci-fi, new and classic, and give opinionated commentary
  • Invent new stupid things to blog about
  • And whatever else…

We have 3 contributors to the blog and hope to update it very frequently for your reading pleasure.  Thanks and K.I.T.