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ULTRA Lame Comic Book Cover of the Week: The Punisher & Eminem Team Up!

I thought it’d be a good idea to showcase some real lame comic books that probably should never have been made! I don’t want to spend too much time on these abominations, but I do want to at least acknowledge that someone thought they’d be a good or “cool” as fuck idea to make. So the first one I want to spotlight is the Punisher and Eminem team-up! Yeah man Mr. Mathers is a good rapper but is he really that much of a bad-ass that we needed to see him team up with Frank Castle?! I think we all know the answer to that one but somebody thought he was cool enuff so we got this shit whether we liked it or not!


Yep, this really happened and it wasn’t that long ago either-in 2009 we got this stupid story which tries it’s hardest to make us all really believe Eminem can play hard ball with the big leagues. This comic and story just plain suck. You can watch the whole thing unfold below on this youtube vid! I think however this is going to a fun little series of comic books to research, there has gotta be some others that rival this garbage and I intend to find em’ all!



Comic Book Cover of the Week! So Speaks The Champion!!

This particular cover from Marvel Two In One Annual #7 has to be one of my all-time favorites. Mainly because as a kid this particular issue was one of my all time favorite comic books ever. It’s a straight up boxing tournament where earth’s mightiest, Marvel’s heavyweights are all gathered to take on none other than the Champion. An unbeatable blue skinned  red haired freako alien boxing fanatic put’s our favorite hero’s into a contest to simply see if any can actually provide a sufficient challenge to him. You name it Marvel’s strongest are all here Sasquatch, Colossus, The Hulk, The Thing. Yeah they all get their asses served (well technically The Hulk never gets to fight cuz he freaks out in the ring and The Champion refuses to battle a wild monster), all except The Thing who does put up a decent fight. The smackdown though Mr. Grimm takes however is quite brutal and bloody especially for an 80’s comic. It always bummed me out that The Thing lost at the end but he definately gives the Champion a run for his money!

Comic Book Cover of the Week! It’s Miller Time!

So this weeks cover is one of my faves drawn by Thing artist extraordinaire Ron Wilson-I always love comic book story lines that really show superheroes on their time off. This particular issue has an amazing cover that simply shows the Thing gettin’ wasted at the local dive bar with none other than the Sandman! This was an unusual pairing at the time to have The Thing “teaming up” with a villain but it seems that after this issue in which the Sandman contemplates his life’s direction and tells his complete origin to Ben Grimm, that the two seem to have a friendship that forms that will lead them once again to drink beer together in yet another later issue (the next time will be in a hospital room). It’s simple comic book story lines that I feel are missed greatly in the comics of today-If you’re looking for a great simple and fun back issue to check out Marvel Two in One #88 from 1982-just make sure to crack open a cold one when reading!