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George Romero Blows & So Does Peter Vincent!!

Ok here’s the deal. Last night I finally decided to give George Romero’s “Survival Of The Dead” a chance as it was just released on dvd. You hear that? I finally decided to give the NEW Romero Zombie flick a chance! Ten years ago saying that would have meant I was completely crazy as imagining a new zombie movie from him back then being released would have been a gift from god. I was less than impressed with his last two movie quite honestly and this one seals the deal for me for good. I just don’t give a shit about new Romero movies. I actually got more enjoyment from the latest Direct to dvd Kevin Costner horror movie!

 I can tell you honestly I didn’t even finish the movie. I am putting my foot down and refusing to watch anymore zombie  movies with shitty cg bood and gore. Especially one made by George. Believe me this one’s got cg gore galore-it’s effects look like they came straight out of the first Resident Evil game! Continue reading

Fright Night remake casting….yawn….

Ok so pretty much every damn movie you can think of is being remade! Seriously think of your fav movie in whatever genre and do a google search I bet that shit is getting remade or in the talks of being remade this very second! So naturally I was not surprised that Fright Night was announced as  being remade a while back. Really, Fright Night, aside from The Lost Boys is probably the best vampire flick of the 80’s! Even part two is pretty good. So now especially with the super shitty Twilight series getting all the hype and melting the populations brains into the size of rat turds it seems EVERYONE is trying to do a damn vampire movie! So now we’ve gotta sit through all these “sexy”, “erotic” and “mysterious” vampire movies and their ultra dull characters again!!! I get to see one of my fav vampire films get remade….oh the joy of Hollywood.

So yeah Anton Yelchin of Chekov fame in the latest Star trek film has been cast as Charley Brewster. Continue reading

‘New Moon’: movie Msg that will put you in a coma…

So the big deal all around the world is that New Moon, the sequel to Twilight (like anyone doesn’t know that) is opening this week. Everyone seems to be losing their damn minds over this! My question, what is wrong with everyone?!! Twilight was hands down the WORST vampire movie I have ever seen! It had all the ingredients for the the ultimate shit-fest which is quite an accomplishment really. Terrible acting, an ultra boring story, super incredibly lame vampires that didn’t even have fangs and sparkled, irritating teenagers and terrible unthreatening vampire villains who probably work at Hot Topic on their off-time. But still people seem to think that movie was somehow epic! 

Has the general public ever even seen a real vampire movie?! ’30 Days of Night’ was shown in theaters right? Have people never seen Fright Night or Near Dark? I would understand if this series was just popular with teenage girls and guys that may think Robert Pattinson is the bee knees but grown men and women are pumped up for this crap-tastic vampire romance!  I’ve heard they are going to have lots of werewolves in this one, I am sure they will find some new way to make werewolves suck even more than vampires!

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