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Three’s Company Gets a New Roomate & Gets IRIE!

Well there hasn’t been too much news lately that has grabbed me and inspired me to blog, which can be tough as a blogger as I’d like to post something every day! But it’s hard to find new cool things to talk about everyday-well I try at least! What I did do last night was put up a new song on youtube which I wrote about my favorite sitcom of all time Three’s Company! Yeah when you watch this show at an older age you really get the jokes that you missed out on as a kid-also you realize that Jack & Larry are the biggest perves of the late 70’s! And yes that’s me there with my three new roomates!! I wrote this nerdcore dancehall track under alias Mister Saturday as a tribute to one of the BEST shows ever!!

Take me to The Boneyard PLEASE!

Yesterday I purchased a movie off of Amazon.com that I have to say, I’m fucking PUMPED to get in the mail this week! I accidentally ran into this trailer yesterday while checking out a different movie a friend of mine claimed was on par with Troll 2 and the Room…instead however I found the trailer  for 1991’s The Boneyard!!

I have got to say it’s very rare for  me to hunt down a movie one the web the same evening and order it-but if you take the time to check this out you’ll clearly understand why I did so.

The movie also features Phyllis Diller (apparently this movie is the only one she’s starred in without her wig on) and Norman Fell, yeah Stanley Roper from Three’s Company!! Oh and I forgot to mention a giant  monster Poodle! So I am hoping the movie is as cool as the trailer (which pretty much seems like it shows you the whole damn movie)-check this shit out!



Obscure Super Hero Movies! Jack Tripper Kicks ASS!

Yeah! What a great discovery made today in the world of obscure super hero movies! “Hero at Large” is now the number one movie I’m trackin’ down upon my first viewing of the the trailer-it features one of my favorite people ever-John Ritter AKA Jack Tripper!!!

Yeah straight out of Three’s Company the late great Ritter apparently starred in this incredible looking zany real life super hero flick! Continue reading

Go For It!!

I thought it’d be cool to share a couple videos with you here that fellow contributor Eljamez filmed and collaborated on here at Universal Dork. I being a personal fan of awkward, quirky humour am a big fan of these and am trying to get him to make some more videos.  He of course as well helped out and filmed the Mister Saturday “Get Your Own” box Video which, well what the hell-I’ll post again here! There’s just not enough damn shameless self promotion here at Universal anyway! Anyway the first video is one of my fav’s for the faux pilot to the show “Going For it” had it been developed more I’m sure it would have rivaled Three’s Company of Perfect Strangers anyday! check it out:

Next up is “The Visit” this is well, um just try and make sense of this one…. Continue reading