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ELVIRA Mistress of the Dark’s “Rankin Bass” Style Scary X-MAS Short!!

Elvira, ‘Mistress of the Dark’ made a BIG return this last Halloween to try and save the holiday from the pandemic. BUT let’s not forget about a decade ago Elvira returned to Christmas for a little spooky holiday cheer!

We all love the classic Rankin Bass animated movies like Rudolph, Nestor the Long Eared Donkey & The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, well let’s revisit the Elvira holiday short ‘Elvira’s Movie Macabre: Scary X-MAS’ Done in that same classic style from her official Youtube page. Here she heads out in search of a Christmas trees and along the way encounters some horrific holiday creatures: Merry Christmas Eve! See you tomorrow!!



The Quay Brothers – Best Stop Motion animation ever…

If for some reason you have never heard of the Quay Brothers you really have to check this and everything they have done out! They have produced probably the most bizarre stop motion animation peices ever caught on film. I know everyone thinks “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was unique-but seriously these guys are the masters. The only way I can really describe their work is that is is truely nightmaric and beautiful at the same time. I beleive Tool had a video that was heavily based on their work. Anyway I have just gotten a Quay Brothers collection in the mail and thought that every one should know who these guys are if for some reason you have not already heard of them. Check this stuff out. It’s truely amazing!!!

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