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Terrible New Photo of Bucky from The Cap Movie!!

Hey folks there’s a pic of Bucky floating around from the upcoming Cap movie and well it looks kinda like a terrible photo! But at least it confirms that Cap’s rad side kick is definitely in the movie! I for one would have loved to have seen the black eye mask- in fact if he doesn’t wear the damn eye mask I’m gonna blow a gasket right there in the theater!! Bucky is not only one of the coolest characters ever but he also becomes the Winter Soldier-who totally kicks ass and then becomes Captain America himself!! So they better not fuck this up!! Now all I need is some confirmation on the Invaders-visual proof-and if Union Jack ain’t part of the team I’m gonna have a serious hemi!!!

The Avengers Movie: No Giant Man??!

This has been bothering me for sometime now, even though I am super pumped at the fact that Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers movie, yet massively bummed that Edward Norton won’t be returning as The Hulk, it all seems to be coming together nicely for one damn epic event! Except for 0ne thing-there has been no mention of Giant Man being featured in the film!

There has been documentation of Whedon saying that Ant-man won’t be in the movie and no mention of Hank Pym being in the flick…so what gives?? Well according to Production Weekly it appears from their listed synopsis that Ant-man and the Wasp may actually get screen time after all. Continue reading

Arnim Zola Revealed in Upcoming Cap Movie!!

Ok first off sorry if it suddenly seems as if I have been slackin’ on the blogging lately! I have been working like crazy ever since I got back from my cross country road trip! So anyway I just found out about this today so pardon me if for some reason this is old news to you. It seems that there has been a new villain announced for the new  upcoming Captain America movie, Arnim Zola!!!

I will say this is fantastic news as I wasn’t sure if it’d only be the Red Skull cap was up against. So today I find out that little guy Toby Jones (Infamous, Harry Potter) will be portraying the legenday villain! Continue reading

The Mighty Thor Finally Revealed!

So here we go finally! A first glimpse at the Chris Hemsworth Thor this evening! What did you think? Do you think this is going to be the next Iron Man?? So far so good I say! It’s got a little of the old Thor and a bit of the Ultimates Thor. I personally thought they were going to go all the way with portraying him as the Ultimates version but this first pic proved they’ve left a little something for the die hard fans. I know in this pic the legendary helmet and Mjolnir (his mighty hammer) is missing but who knows he may have just stepped out of the shower! Either way this is good news as it takes us one step closer to The Avengers movie! What do you think?

A Gossipy Bucky Cast In the Cap Film….

It seems the cast of Captain America is really coming together now. So so much so that just yesterday it was annouced that Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan will be playing  Cap’s legendary sidekick Bucky. I really wanted to touch on this yesterday but alas I worked all day then headed off to our epic official Bad Movie Night which was a blast! Anyway I guess Stan’s signed on for several movies and personally I think that can only really mean one thing, The Winter Soldier will most likely make an appearance in the upcoming Cap movies. Hey you’ve got to admit that’d make a dynamic movie! Heck Sebastian Stan could eventually become Cap himslef too as Bucky did in the comics.

I really honestly have no opinion on this move to cast him as I have never seen anything that he’s starred in! I know that he was in a supposedly awful movie called The Covenant and that he starred in some movie that Fred “Limp Bizkit” Durst dierected that I can only imagine must suck? I guess it is my responsibility to actually go check him out in some of these movies and decide for myself. Looks wise we seems fine as Bucky.

 I also hear that he’s in Hot Tub Time Machine as well which I also have not seen. Geez what a help I am here on this one huh? Either way I’m sure he’s right on par with Chris Evans as Cap. I at the very least am happy we didn’t have to wait out  the casting of Bucky too!!

The Battle for Captain America!!

I read at Deadline Hollywood and Moviehole.net that Joe Johnston has finally got a list of potential contenders for the role of Captain America! First off let me say they are all relatively unknown which could be a good thing if you were a little weary of the option of Leonardo Dicaprio or Will Smith getting the role of Captain America. It seems they must simply be doing this for money costs since it has been stated that the lead will only be paid about $300,000 for this lead role. My thinking is they’ve already given Robert Downey Jr. too much damn money and they know it. 

Either way it’s nice to finally know we’re getting closer to actually knowing who will wield the shield! I heard some more well known actors however would be cast as his teamates the Invaders in the movie. So here’s the list of seven contenders-I was nice enough to put their pictures up so we can all debate about who it should and shouldn’t be! Remember we’re looking for a wholesome, apple pie eating, small town, all american guy here..basically kind of a douchebag! 

“Scott Porter – best known for his role as Jason Street on TVs “Friday Night Lights”,  Continue reading

The Invaders Join Captain America Movie Cast!!!

I have been saying for quite a while here that I’ve been hoping for some real concrete news on the Captain America movie and finally some has arrived! This is what I have heard so far. First, as we all guessed it’s been confirmed, according to Ain’t it Cool News that The Red Skull will indeed be the villain (duh) and I assume Hitler will be chumming around with him too. Secondly they’re supposedly they are going to make Cap’s costume a bit more like it was in the earlier days I’m guessing like something between the The Ultimates 40’s Cap and current days non Bucky Cap.

Third and most exciting of the news is that Captain America will be joined on the big screen by The Invaders!! Continue reading