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Fans of ‘Gremlins’ & ‘The Dark Crystal’ Should Check Out ‘We R Animals’!!

Here’s something totally awesome for anyone who’s a fan of movies like ‘The Dark Crystal’ & ‘Meet The Feebles’. Check out the ‘We R Animals’ trailer, a new movie you can fully support on Kickstarter. This project looks totally bonkers and like ‘Meet The Feebles’ boasts an R rating as well. All the characters are played by animatronic puppets bringing to mind a bit of a Gremlins feel as well to the whole thing. This project has been in the making now since 2010 but now seems to be looking like it’s gearing up to get very serious soon.

Here’s the crazy synopsis:

“We R Animals is the story about a bunny who’s never experienced love, who lives in a shady old circus but wants to get out. One day her dream comes true when she manages to escape and meets an old sweet lady called Alice. But her happy new life won’t last long. A criminal cat who runs a business where he shoots cute animal videos for the web now wants the bunny in one of his videos and therefore kidnaps her. It’s a nasty business where he earns big money on ads, while treating his actors like shit, often drugging them and doesn’t care if they die.

What happens next is a fun twisted r-rated ride with violence, ninja cats, soviet collie cyborgs, vicious dogs, vampire bats, revenge and magic.”


Sounds like a trip huh? I’m pretty excited to see the final product here. So many movies these days simply resort to CGI which is totally cool but it’s also really nice to see an inspiring “hands on approach” being utilized for a project as unique as this. The puppets look absolutely stunning & the sets look mindbending. The Sweden based writer and director also got the dude from “Kung Fury” involved recently as a producer on the project. Support this one if you can! 


Ex Disney Animator gets FREAKY With Swedish Metal Band’s New Video!

Whoah! Now here we have quite an interesting music video! Awesome fully animated video by Freak Kitchen a Swedish band from the early 90’s that I’ve never heard of before today! Anyway I am a little undecided about how much I actually like the this song, but one thing is certain-the kickstarter funded music video is totally breathtaking!!

Even more interesting is that is was done by Juanjo Guarnido most famously known for his work as head animator on Disney’s Tarzan and his work with Marvel Comics…One thing is for certain this video make me miss hand drawn animation in a big way-check this shit out!


let the right one in

Ok, so this weekend on Valentine’s Day I saw “Let the Right One In” finally on the big screen (I know I should have seen it sooner but there was a snow storm in Portland and unlike Wisconsin, they have no clue how to plow their damn roads! Sorry PDX but you guys are weak ass snow drivers!). I have been wondering if the title came from one of my favorite musical artists of all time, Morrissey. I would say the answer if yes but I guess that remains to be seen. This movie was definately something special as it left you with that lingering and unsettling feeling that will be left with you for days.

This Swedish film is not your average vampire flick to say the least. It mainly revolves around an odd 12 year old boy by the name of Oskar who’s in a constant struggle with a group of bullies from his school. He spends much of his time alone plotting revenge, stabbing a knife into a tree at his apartment complex and reciting the final words of their demise. One cold evening he meets a strange girl named “Eli” who is standing on the snow covered jungle gym at the complex. You can tell as she first leaps to the ground that there is definately more to her than meets the eye.

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