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MAD GOD: Probably the Coolest Thing I Have Laid Eyes On This Year!

I have just seen the Kickstarter video for legendary stop motion / effects master Phil Tippett’s latest movie he’s recently started working on again and it looks incredible!Seriously before you read on check out the Kickstarter video! Phil is famous for his work on little films called The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park & Robocop to name a few.

All I really need to say watch this teaser and if you’re interested check out the interview with Harry Knowles. It’s even better news to know the movie reached it’s funding goals on Kickstarter! So it will be a reality and most likely one of the most amazing little movies of current times…

The Krampus hits the Big Screen?!

Its Christmas season once again now and every year I wait for a cool unique new holiday movie to amaze me. Last year it was the awesome Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (which I recently watched and it was even better the second time around) and this year I am hoping to get a chance to see Dick Mass’ “Sint” if it gets a release here. But it seems every year I wait for someone to tell the creepy tale of The Krampus and it never happens!

Believe me an X-mas movie done tastefully about the Krampus would be quite a tale-but first if you don’t know the folklore of ol’ Krampa check out a blog I did a couple years ago to get acquainted with this Christmas creep.

So agreed the Krampus is quite a strange dude huh? A total holiday Hard Ass! But you can agree that a creepy x-mas movie would be awesome huh? My idea for a Krampus themed film would be almost like a “Home Alone” style movie, where the demon goes after the naughty kids on Christmas night until he meets his match with one naughty boy who gives the Krampus a beating that he will never forget Continue reading

Peter And the Wolf Met The Brothers Quay…

I know that this short film “Peter and The Wolf” is a couple years old and apparently won the academy award but it’s all news to me! I just recently saw the trailer for this amazing stop motion film and was blown away so much by it that I instantly found the dvd which was recently released on ebay and well today it has just arrived in the mail! So I figured I’d post a couple clips up here so that if you hadn’t already seen it and are a stop motion fan you’d be pleasantly delighted. Anyway here are a  a couple scenes from this amazing little masterpeice….    

Giant Monsters Everywhere!!

Ok so last night I had a little too much to drink at my weekly epic LOST party! Can you blame me? It’s the last damn season of one of the most epic sci fi shows ever! Anyway often times consuming to much alcohol leads to me either being to brain dead to blog of just too damn tired. Well today however being partially brain dead and I will admit a bit on the tired side spent some time on good ol’ You Tube watching endless videos and one that I thought was a blast to share here was Cinemassacre’s 2008  Top Ten Giant Monsters list! Who doesn’t love a giant movie monster?! If you don’t love giant movie monsters you shouldn’t even be on Universal Dork! There’s literally nothing we like better here than a good giant “man in rubber suit” monster gracing the screen. So take a few moments of your time and check out this cool vid-you’ll never guess who takes the number one spot!