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Let’s Search for Spock!

Here’s a little video clip for anyone interested in Spock. It’s a dancehall track I wrote in honor of the legendary Vulcan and I recently put it up on Youtube for the whole galaxy to enjoy!

I also put up a Mister Saturday Bandcamp page so you can download some hardcore nerdcore for free….

Anyway check it out if you haven’t already!

Khan Gets Down in the Dancehall!

The time has come once again to shamelessly self promote myself! Hey somebody has got to do it – anyway I just posted my youtube slide show for the “Wrath of Khan” a song by Mister Saturday. It’s a reggae dancehall retelling of the history of Khan Noonien Singh, the greatest Star Trek foe of all time.

For a while this was the theme song for the Official Star Trek convention’s Myspace page. Remember that website? Me neither really…anyway sit back light one up, pour yourself a glass of ice cold Andorian ale and check out this track from the world first and only nerdcore dancehall artist…

Shatner & The Next Star Trek Movie!

It was a big deal to William Shatner when he heard that the latest Star Trek Film would be featuring Leonard Nimoy returning as Spock but seemingly no Captain Kirk in sight. Shatner appeared angered with JJ Abrams’ decision and claimed he himself brought Kirk back to life in a mere few pages of one of his books, “very easily”. I think it was a great decision to keep the captain in the world of the deceased, especially since he already died In “Generations”. Well as you may have already heard Shatner is back in the spotlights to appear in the second film.

shat Twilight zone Shatner upon hearing the news he was not cast In the Abrams helmed “Start Trek”

You really didn’t think ol’ Shat would stay out of the picture for long did you? Continue reading