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Spider-man and his Amazing 80s Hardee’s 3-D Happy Meal!

Ahhh the good old days where Happy meals  truly made people happy! Back in the 1980s you could score a Happy Meal that really had something to offer. You could also watch a commercial that was actually better than what you got inside of it. Check out this classic 1980s Happy Meal commercial featuring Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends along with  The Incredible Hulk! Back when I was a kid I would wake up early every Saturday morning  and watch Spider-Man and his amazing friends and then my favorite show The Incredible Hulk  part of the Marvel Comics Power Hour, then I begged my mom her one of these things- check it!! 


It’s saturday and when I woke up I wished was a kid again in the 80’s waking up and watching my favorite show, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends! I loved that show more than life itself it seemed. So I got on to youtube and watched some episodes! It’s no wonder I loved it so much back then because it still totally rules! This clip is from one of my favorite episodes- “The X-Men Adventure”. You can imagine how blown away I was as a comic book collector as a kid to see the X-Men animated starring alongside Spider-Man!!  Their choice of  X-men was really awesome as well-they used Thunderbird! How cool is that?! And they let Spider-Man try out the danger room! check this out!

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