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World’s Greatest Puppet Themed Music Videos are Back!

Hey it’s been a while since I posted any new Puppet Themed music vids as I have been trying to prove once and for all that puppets make ANYTHING like 10 times better! Seriously if you are in a band and wanna make a bitchin’ video but can’t think of  anything rad to do in it-worry no further-just put some damn puppets in it and you got yourself  a hit! So here’s yet another video by  Dinosaur Jr covering the cure and yeah it rules and it loaded with puppets! Thus enhancing it’s greatness by at least 10 fold!

Dorks Get Ready to Rap!

Here’s a nice little rap song delivered by none other than Ms. Marvel herself! I have a feeling fan boys all over the world are gonna be enjoying this for years to come!! However I really gotta wonder if this girl really has any idea about what she’s rappin??

The Catchiest Pop Song of All Time…

Ladies and Gentleman I’d like you all to take a quick moment to start off your day with the catchiest song EVER written. The Gummy Bears theme song-I’d pretty much put this up against any Beatles song-Sorry Lennon-you guys were good and your songs were infectiously catchy but you had nothing on The Gummy Bears!!