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Superheroic Thanksgiving!

We never really think that things like Thanksgiving and Comic books go together, but hey comic book characters have gotta take some time off to spend some time breaking bread together right? Well here’s a few cool images of some of the icons spending turkey day together-check it out!





Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! The greatest Cartoon Brawls Part 4!

Yeah it’s fighting time again here at Universal Dork! Today we have a great cartoon fight between Superman and Solomon Grundy! This One comes from the awesome Justice League cartoon. I always enjoyed them because they were always so well animated. It kinda gets me pumped about the possibiltiy of a Justice League movie! 

It’s always nice to see good ol’ Supes brawling the bad guys at least the ones who can actually put up a fight-as you can see in this epic cartoon battle Solomon Grundy is no push over!