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Even though Lost is over and done with we can still remember it’s best moments forever. One of my fav characters was of course Desmond and yeah, throughout the show’s run my friends and I would always laugh at his lingo, most particularly his constant over use of the word “brotha”. Now if you are a Lost fan you all know what I’m talking about, but incase you need a reminder of just how god damn often he said it take a look at this “Brotha” compilation for youself!!

Walking Dead Tv Series: Mtv Exclusive Kirkman Interview!

I just read an interview with Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead Tv series today at Mtv.com. I am really hoping they can pull the grit from the comic book onto the tv screen. It’s obviously a major concern of many people. Even though in the interveiw Kirkman claims the comic book does not rely on gore it still should be noted that he pushes the limit far beyond what’s normally seen on television in the series.

walking dead

 Either way I am pumped to see how well this show turns out & here is some of what Mtv had to report in the interview:

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