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Rob Liefeld hopes to “someday undo” Shatterstar’s gayness

Rob Liefeld has now responded to Peter David’s recent development that former New Mutants and X-Force character, Shatterstar, is gay. Shatterstar, as mentioned in a previous Universaldork post, shared the first male-male kiss in mainstream comics recently. Rob Liefeld does not like this one bit, check out what he has to say:

“As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived.”

“Your opinion doesn’t change the fact that it sucks and it’s not a positive move in most fans’ eyes. And it’s all well and fine that you don’t respect a creator’s wishes or intent. I’m different like that.”

“Shatterstar is akin to Maximus in gladiator. He’s a warrior, a Spartan, and not a gay one.

“… I have nothing against gays, I have gay family, nuthin’ but love here,” he wrote on his message board. “Ditto gay characters if that’s what their true origins are.


As of this blog, Liefeld has not commented on his feelings towards Peter David’s exclusion of Shatterstar’s gratuitous ponytails or diagonal sword hilts, in his current X-Factor run.