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Comic Book Cover of the Week: PLASTIC MAN Vs. Monster Sewer Sludge?!

I had thoughts this morning for some reason about the 1979 Plastic Man cartoon! It made me wanna feature a cool old classic Plastic Man cover. This one from 1966 sees Plastic Man caught down in the sewers battling a creature created from meat by products and sludge?! Yep! Yuck! Plastic Man had some weird ass stories and villains back in the day and this cover is one of the coolest from that era wonderfully drawn by Ramona Fradon.

While we’re on topic lets take a peek back at that Plastic Man Cartoon!

And let’s not forget there was an elastic Plastic Man action figure too:

also here’s Robert Smith from The Cure as Plastic Man for the hell of it:


Also Plastic Man on the Superfriends! Whatta team up!

and some live action Plastic Man!

World’s Greatest Puppet Themed Music Videos are Back!

Hey it’s been a while since I posted any new Puppet Themed music vids as I have been trying to prove once and for all that puppets make ANYTHING like 10 times better! Seriously if you are in a band and wanna make a bitchin’ video but can’t think of  anything rad to do in it-worry no further-just put some damn puppets in it and you got yourself  a hit! So here’s yet another video by  Dinosaur Jr covering the cure and yeah it rules and it loaded with puppets! Thus enhancing it’s greatness by at least 10 fold!