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The Avengers Movie: No Giant Man??!

This has been bothering me for sometime now, even though I am super pumped at the fact that Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers movie, yet massively bummed that Edward Norton won’t be returning as The Hulk, it all seems to be coming together nicely for one damn epic event! Except for 0ne thing-there has been no mention of Giant Man being featured in the film!

There has been documentation of Whedon saying that Ant-man won’t be in the movie and no mention of Hank Pym being in the flick…so what gives?? Well according to Production Weekly it appears from their listed synopsis that Ant-man and the Wasp may actually get screen time after all. Continue reading

The Avengers Teaser Trailer!

Well I have been away from the computer for a few days so it was just today that I saw the teaser trailer for the new avengers upcoming flick-It’s not much really but at least we got something!

 I am crossing my fingers that this movie is going to be quite astonishing! Hopefully we can keep the rest of the cast together as now if any other of the major players drop out of the race it’s just NOT gonna hold it’s weight.  We’ve already Lost Edward Norton and Terrence Howard who quite honestly the best actors of the whole bunch! Here is this minalmalistic teaser trailer in all it’s glory for those of you who may not have seen it yet!!

The Incredible Hulk Dumps Edward Norton!!

WTF?!!! Oh I am sure you’ve all heard the news about Edward Norton NOT reprising his role as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers Flick! This some sad news as now it seems as the movies are not tied together as tightly as they once were in preparation in creating a mini Marvel movie universe. I heard from the start that there were problems with Norton as he was not at all pleased with the final outcome of The Incredible Hulk as he hoped for a longer more extensive cut of the film. Then it was his high salary he demanded to repsise the role of Banner in which Marvel clearly rejected. Now we get news of some unknown actor claiming the role of Banner in the Avengers flick. 

Sorry that just ain’t good enough as Norton was one of the main reasons why the film worked so well in the first place. Yeah since now we have a clearly fully CG Hulk what really matters truely is who is actually in the role of good ol’ Bruce. Hopefully they can still pull it off, though clearly the film has already now lost some major excitement as one of the key actors will not be returning.

So hopefully the rest of the gang can show up for the party! I mean what happens if Robert Downey Jr. decides HIS paycheck is not enough??? I guess really he and Samuel L. Jackson are the key players so in order to make this film truely work we have to have them back for sure! I personally am still holding out for either Norton or Marvel to change their mind. If you’re gonna do something as epic as this you gotta do it the right way!! In any event I am sure Hulk will still SMASH, just maybe not as hard….

The Mighty Thor Finally Revealed!

So here we go finally! A first glimpse at the Chris Hemsworth Thor this evening! What did you think? Do you think this is going to be the next Iron Man?? So far so good I say! It’s got a little of the old Thor and a bit of the Ultimates Thor. I personally thought they were going to go all the way with portraying him as the Ultimates version but this first pic proved they’ve left a little something for the die hard fans. I know in this pic the legendary helmet and Mjolnir (his mighty hammer) is missing but who knows he may have just stepped out of the shower! Either way this is good news as it takes us one step closer to The Avengers movie! What do you think?

It’s Official Chris Evans is Cap!

Ok well, we really already kinda knew this but I just had to report for the Dork here that Chris Evans has officially been cast as Captain America. The wait is over thank god. That was getting mighty irritating! It’s kinda funny though how we end up with the guy from two of Marvel’s total shit films. Let’s face it the latest Fantastic Four films sucked big time. The Thing somehow looked better in the wretched 1994 Roger Corman flick that was never officially released. I must say too, I think I enjoyed Cormen’s Crapfest  better than the last two Fantastic Four movies. It’s actually good news that it’s getting a reboot.

So I will say though I am releived that these Captain America shenanigans are finally over, you’ve got to admit our American poster boy is quite the anti-climatic choice. Looks like Marvel really decided to save their money on Robert Downey Jr. afterall. There was a time when big names were rumored for the role- there was even talk of Will Smith playing Cap for cryin’ out loud! Well I’m not going to make anymore false judgements on this film until it comes out (ok well I probably will, but whatever-I’ll try not to!). All I have to really say is that even though Evans seems sufficient, after all the hype it’s a little disappointing and I really hope we don’t end up with “Crap-tain America” at the end of the day…

The Battle for Captain America!!

I read at Deadline Hollywood and Moviehole.net that Joe Johnston has finally got a list of potential contenders for the role of Captain America! First off let me say they are all relatively unknown which could be a good thing if you were a little weary of the option of Leonardo Dicaprio or Will Smith getting the role of Captain America. It seems they must simply be doing this for money costs since it has been stated that the lead will only be paid about $300,000 for this lead role. My thinking is they’ve already given Robert Downey Jr. too much damn money and they know it. 

Either way it’s nice to finally know we’re getting closer to actually knowing who will wield the shield! I heard some more well known actors however would be cast as his teamates the Invaders in the movie. So here’s the list of seven contenders-I was nice enough to put their pictures up so we can all debate about who it should and shouldn’t be! Remember we’re looking for a wholesome, apple pie eating, small town, all american guy here..basically kind of a douchebag! 

“Scott Porter – best known for his role as Jason Street on TVs “Friday Night Lights”,  Continue reading