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New Music & Comic Book Adventures from…..The Monkees?!

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Monkees and now they’ve released a brand new song that will be on their upcoming album “Good Times”. Of course I’m still sad about the passing of Davy Jones, my personal favorite Monkee, but the good news is this new album WILL feature and old unreleased track that Neil Diamond wrote for the band in the 1960’s with Davy Jones on lead Vocals. It’ll feature some new instrumentation and harmonies by Micky Dolenz & Tork. Also the album cover too is a good sign that we’ll be getting some classic vintage style songs from the boys.

The album will also feature a brand new song by Michael Nesmith! So all four of the original Monkees will be present in some way shape or form. In the mean time here’s a cool new track, written by Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, I’m pleased to hear that this new album will recreating their classic 60’s sound. This little video is cool as well as it follows an old classic comic book adventure of the band!   


If that’s not good enough they’ve released another song from the album written by Andy Partridge from XTC!!



World’s Greatest Puppet Themed Music Videos! Part 2!

Ok so here we are again with some more puppet themed videos!! Hell yeah! So here are a couple more music videos that feature some rad puppets-The first up is Interpol’s “Evil”. As I am not a big fan of the band what I can tell you is that I’m a huge fan of that creepy ass puppet they got in their damn video!! See the band just made themselves totally rad by having a cool puppet in their video-see it’s not that hard to make it I tell you if you just rely on the skills of a puppet and ride it’s coat tails all the way to the top!!! check it:

Ok next up is Weezer’s “Keep Fishin'”. I think we can all kinda agree that Weezer now days just kinda blows and I think Rivers has caught onto that. That’s why he decided to get the mother fucking Muppets into his band’s video! See this a common practice of bands that either aren’t that good or have somehow lost their magic. My simple rule proves true again-add a damn puppet to a music video and suddenly the song rocks ten times harder…