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Milo Goes to Austin…

As many of you may already know I am a huge Descendents fan and most recently did a blog about them here as they have reunited once again to fill our souls with teen angst. Well it turns out that the Descendents were recently added to the bill as the headliner of the Austin, Texas “Fun Fun Fun Festival” as a replacement act for Devo who had apparently had to cancel their performance a mere two weeks ago due to an injury of one of the key band members. If I had more time I just may have tried to make it down to Austin for the show.

Last night was the first time these punk pioneers have played live in 8 years-though in 2004 they did release an  album (Cool To Be You) they played no shows to support the album. I decided to check out youtube to see if anything had been posted yet and sure enough there was a nice video of these guys already up. Though they do look considerably older I know that they sill haven’t grown up…Enjoy my good friends! Enjoy…

John Byrne:Best Artist Ever!

So the 1frombeyond’s post got me all fired up yesterday about MY favorite comic book artist of all time, Mr. John Byrne! Ever since I was a kid I loved and knew his artwork. I’d always get pretty pumped when I would see a comic book drawn by him-even at my young age I just knew there was something special about it. Perhaps it was his amazing sense of detail? Either way there are so many things I truely love about his artwork. To me he is one of the All Time Greatest and most influential comic book artists ever. Right up there with Kirby and yes even…um…Liefeld.

Anyway I decided to post some of my favorite pics that I have always loved of his artwork. Whether it’s a cover or interior panel it’s clear he was and is still the master. In a day and age where any and every band is reuniting and Harrison Ford is once again Indiana Jones, I do truely think it’s time that Marvel reunites John Byrne & Chris Claremont  for another run on the X-Men!!


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